Terraria Review (PC)

Terraria is a downloadable game for the PC, available on Steam. It’s quite cheap to buy and while it may look like a SNES game, it’s fun to play which is what counts. However, it’s also quite different, so the game does need to be described.

The Definitive Terraria Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to Terraria and feeling lost or confused as to what you should be doing upon starting, then this is the guide for you. With this guide in hand, you won’t be confused anymore as to what you should be doing at the game’s beginning.

Making or Finding the Best Terraria Servers

Servers in Terraria are the basis of everything you’re able to do in the multiplayer arena, and they vary wildly. Some are small worlds, some are large. Some offer persistent worlds, while others reset on a daily basis. Read on for a listing of the best!

Terraria Cheats and Exploits

Developing more powerful tools, weapons and armor is key to surviving in Terraria, but finding enough of the materials for these items can be a painful experience. Learn how to locate and duplicate scarce resources with Bright Hub’s look at the cheating side of Terraria.

Terraria Crafting Guide: The Basics

Survival in Terraria is dependent on your own two eight-bit hands. You’ll need to gather resources and build tools and shelter so that you’ll have a place to survive and thrive. In addition to this, crafting certain items and structures can attract NPCs.