Where to buy Roller Coaster Tycoon 3?

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A Theme Park in your P.C.

Not the most acclaimed game in the series, but truly is one of the best in terms of graphical innovation as the novelty given to explorer the park as any other guest, revolutionized the isometric view concept that was explored in the first two games but gave a limited mobility too the player, but now we can even ride the rides, and that’s the most fantastic aspect of the game. You can create your own wild roller coasters and then ride them, even the average rides as a Merry-Go-Round and feel and hear the music; is something splendid even to see the other guests’ expressions when they are in the ride, you can see if they like it, hate it or get woozy with the many spins and twists of your creation.

The game dynamic is equal to the other Roller Coaster Games, you are the administrator and planner of a theme park and as the first games you have to fulfill a mission to go to the next one, but to complete a level you have to beat three levels of difficulty before moving on, an aspect somewhat that wasn’t in previous games. One thing that was really radical with the game were the expansion packs that gave the opportunity to the player to explore a themed water park and a zoo, the third expansion Roller Coaster Tycoon Wild is one of the best because it mix the Zoo Tycoon idea with the Roller Tycoon themes.

The controls are in theory easy to understand, but trying to adjust the camera angles is just a pain, as you try to fix a certain position but the command you give will take some time to take action. Now said this inconvenient with the camera, with the second expansion pack, when an animal escape his habitat it will be troublesome to hit the animal with the tranquilizer dart since the camera is slow to react to the players command.

The music is really neat, as well the audio effects, you feel like roaming in a theme park, every detail was taken care off to make the experience as real as possible, you can hear the people talk while they walk and even the screams, and when you play the expansion you will hear several surprises coming from the animals.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, has a great replay value, especially in the sandbox mode where the budget restriction is not a problem and you can try several ideas before making them real, you can find the game in amazon.com at a really low price of US$30.00, with the two expansions included Soaked and Wild!, and the best is that the game is rated E for Everybody. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is a game that must be for these holidays.