Vampire Wars Strategy and Tips to Put You Ahead in the Game

Vampire Wars Strategy and Tips to Put You Ahead in the Game
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Vampire Wars Strategy

Facebook Vampire Wars differs from off-line video games in that it is a time-based pyramid game. Because of this players often make the mistake of trying to reach the highest level as fast as they can. This is not the right Vampire Wars strategy to take because the ultimate goal of this game is actually to reach the status of the most powerful vampire.

Before Getting Started

Before a player even starts, he should collect a minimum of 500 friends in his clan. Players have to be “Facebook friends” to invite each other to join each other’s clans. A single player can be a part of several clans. It is a good idea to look for Add-Me Groups for this game and join them. These groups are specifically for people looking for friends and clan members for this game. This will eliminate players from being blocked for “spam adding” or annoying people by adding them without them really wanting to be friends. There are also groups outside of the Facebook platform that exist for the sole purpose of bringing the players of this game together that players can join to find potential clan members.

Becoming the Most Powerful Vampire

Once a player has amassed a large posse, it is time to start with the Vampire Wars strategy of becoming the most powerful vampire, which

vampire wars strategy

is the ultimate goal of the game. The general strategy to achieving this is as follows:

  • Get a clan of 500
  • Get a good mix of the most powerful abilities
  • Dominate the maximum amount of minions

Treat this like a journey and not a race. Below level three, avoid fights. Build up your blood before fighting so you can start to acquire minions.

Begin by performing missions only. Start with the low-level ones and start collecting the basic abilities.

Every once in a while, head to the Main Menu and check the Crypt. Various rewards become available as a vampire’s clan grows. Save points for rare abilities.

As a vampire progresses through the levels, he will start to get skill points. These can be used for increasing the following:

  • Defense strength
  • Maximum health
  • Attack strength
  • Maximum energy
  • Maximum rage

Do not attempt to attack Baba Yaga until your health is around 125. Anything lower and your success rate is likely to be low.

Once level five is reached, the “Wolf Form” becomes available. Use this sparingly at this stage. At level seven, “Horrific Transformation” becomes available. Again, at this stage, use this sparingly. At level eight, “Mime” becomes available and should be used sparingly. Also, by the time a vampire reaches this level, he should have at least 80 clan members. If not, it is time to slow down and work on building the clan.

At level 10, “Mist Form” and “Impervious” become available. By the time a vampire reaches level 15, he should have a clan of hundreds of members and still working steadily towards 500. He should be dominating as many minions as possible as well. At this stage, as long as the vampire is following the Vampire Wars strategy necessary for success, he should be well on his way to becoming the most powerful vampire.