Wii Fit Exercise Workout Report: The End of Week Four

I made it. It is finally the end of the fourth week of my Wii Fit workout. It’s been a long trip, and I thank you for taking it with me. I have dedicated two hours of each day of my work week to this program and it has been well worth my time. This week I took my workout to the extreme by performing all of the exercises on their hardest level of difficulty. For some exercises and aerobics programs, this meant performing the exercise twice. Even with this increased level of difficulty, I noticed that the poses, exercises, and aerobics programs were much easier this week than when I first began.

At the end of each Yoga pose and strength training exercise you are rated on a scale of 1-4 stars, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest, and with each pose or exercise you are granted cute titles that range from “Couch Potato” to “Fitness Expert.” This week I noticed that I received a 4 star rating each and every time in both Yoga and Strength Training. Likewise, my aerobics ratings were at the top of the scale as well.

Yoga Chart

Yoga Chart Week 4

In week four, just as in week three, I preformed my Yoga poses as a warm up and cool down. I noticed an improvement in my center of balance and my ability to maintain each pose without wavering. When I first began doing these exercises, my trainer often told me that I was “a little shaky” and my “balance was off center.” This week I didn’t hear any such criticism. My trainer had nothing but positive and affirming comment, and I was consistently ranked a Yoga Expert.

Strength Training Chart


Strenght Traning Chart Week 4

t’s hard to believe that I ever thought these exercises were hard. In fact, it’s hard to believe that I ever complained about this part of my workout. Sure, when I started, my abs hurt like nothing I had ever experienced, but today I live for the burn of the Jackknife and the sting of the Push-up and Side Plank. (Maybe “live for” is a little extreme, but I do enjoy the workout more than when I started.) I don’t have rock hard abs, and my beer belly still sits comfortably on my hips, but my waist line and torso are both leaner.

Aerobics Chart

Aerobics Chart Week 4

For me, Wii Aerobics is like a light at the end of my workout tunnel. Since I haven’t been playing the Balance Games as part of my workout, Hula-Hooping, Step Aerobics, and Rhythm Boxing have become games to me. This week I added the Island Loop run and the 15 minute free run to my routine. However, I didn’t do the free run during my actual workout. The cool thing about the free run is that it uses the speaker in the Wii remote to guide you through your run which enables you to turn the channel and watch your favorite TV program while you jog. I saved this run for my afternoon dose of daytime drama and was happily guided through the workout by a friendly female voice in my pocket that reminded me to “keep a steady pace,” and told me I was “halfway done – keep up the good work!”

I also noticed that my coordination improved in Step Aerobics. When I started, I was a disaster, and I was constantly being reminded to watch the Miis if I was having problems. This week I am happy to report that I was awarded 4 stars at the end of every step class, beginner and difficult.

BMI and Weight Chart

Strenght Traning Chart Week 4

Just as with week 3, I saw an increase in the amount of BMI and weight I was loosing. Each day I add in my supplemental workout, whether it be shoveling snow or cleaning the house, and each day I am congratulated by the game for my progress. If you want to read my full results, please join me for the final installment of this series as I discuss how this challenge has worked for me and how it could work for you as well.


These results are by no means scientific. There was no control set up and I did not perform my exercises at the same time each day. Please read this disclaimer regarding the information you have just read.