Using the Wii Fit for Fitness and Men’s Health


Wii Fit was marketed as the ideal way for anyone to lose weight without leaving the comfort of their own home. It contains dozens of exercises, and the experience is designed to have the look and the feel of a day at the gym.

But in the world of men’s health there does not seem to be much room for a video game, especially a fitness video game that is marketed like Wii Fit has been marketed. On the cover of the game is an attractive lady doing yoga, and then on the back are pictures of people from all walks of life getting involved in various exercises. It hardly seems like the kind of a thing that would hold a guy’s interest for very long, but you should never judge a Wii game by its cover.

Deep down Wii Fit is still just a video game, and there is enough interesting video game elements in this fitness revolution from Nintendo to be considered a necessary part of any men’s health routine.

Balance Games

The primary controller in many of the Wii Fit games (after all, they are still games) is the footpad controller known as the Balance Board. When playing the balance games the Balance Board is of the utmost importance, and mastering that Balance Board is not as easy as it sounds.

These balance games are tough little games, and any guy could easily get addicted to a few of them. The tightrope walk creates enough emotional tension to make you actually feel that release of energy if your guy falls from the wire. Penguin Slide seems childish, but once you get into it you realize that it is an extremely challenging game that would appeal directly to the short attention span of any guy.

It is a well known fact that guys get frustrated easily, and that guys do not possess anywhere near the patience a woman possesses. The Balance Bubble challenge will not only separate the men from the boys, it may get the Balance Board thrown right through the living room window.

Then there is the king of all Wii Fit challenges as far as a guy is concerned, the skiing challenges. The ski jump and the ski slalom are extremely addicting, and they will have you up playing with the Wii Fit long after she has given up and gone to bed.


Aerobics can get a little dicey for guys, and they tend to not hold a guy’s attention. There are a few drawbacks to doing aerobics on Wii Fit that make them a less than desirable part of men’s health programs.

Guys go running for two reasons; to lose weight and to meet girls. Running on Wii Fit is just for the sake of fitness, there is no interaction involved with anyone. Women seem to love running in place in front of the television, but after a while a guy can start to feel a little foolish just moving in one place.

All is not lost for the aerobics section as the aerobics section contains one of the more interactive fitness video games on the market. The boxing challenge is a guy’s dream exercise, and it is something that every guy should check out at least once. The impact on the bag seems pretty realistic, and the work done on foot placement when delivering a punch is enlightening.

The only problem with boxing is that the Wii hand controllers seem unable to keep up with the real-time action. It can get frustrating when you know you landed a right-hand jab in time, but the game did not register it. Other than that, boxing is worth a trip to the aerobics section.


Most guys have a curiosity about Yoga, but most guys are not going to explore that curiosity in front of a Yoga class filled with other people.

The Yoga section of Wii Fit can help a guy satisfy that curiosity without having to put on a pair of tights and feel embarrassed in front of a bunch of strangers. Many guys will never admit to checking out the Yoga section of Wii Fit, but chances are that there are a lot of guys checking out Yoga for the first time in their lives in the privacy of their own living room.

Strength Training

Maybe it is a cliche, but to gain strength guys lift weights. The strength exercises on Wii Fit are interesting, and even frustrating, but few of them will hold a guy’s interest for very long.

The strength exercises that seem to appeal to guys the most are the ones involving the challenges. This is where a player can challenge the Wii fitness trainer to see who can do more repetitions of a given exercise. These strength training exercises are great because they help a guy get fit, and they satisfy that competitive nature that most guys have.

There are strength challenges for push-ups, the jackknife which is a stomach curl exercise, and the plank challenge which is an excruciating leg challenge that anyone will feel for hours afterwards.

The Final Word

Guys love video games where stuff blows up, people get shot, or there is a lot of action going on. Wii Fit offers very little of these basic ingredients, but there are still several activities that guys will find appealing in the Wii Fit arsenal.

The balance games are addicting, and they contain the potential to make hours go by before it is time to stop. The balance games are not physically demanding, but they provide a guy with that built-in need to win.

The rest of Wii Fit has some challenges here and there that guys will find fun, but all in all it is unlikely that a guy’s natural tendency to use fitness as a way to mix with the females of the species will allow a Wii Fit to be a serious part of a men’s health program.

As a supplement to a fitness regiment it is adequate, but where Wii Fit really excels for a guy is when it is used for what it really is – a video game.