Guide to Nintendo Wii Fit Unlockables: Balance Activities, Yoga Poses, Strength Exercises, and More

Wii Fit

Nintendo’s revolutionary balance-based exercise program Wii Fit has become a bit of a phenomenon. Finding one was all but impossible for nearly the first full year after it was released, and it became one of the best-selling games of 2008 for any system. Now that so many people have finally gotten their hands on the quirky little game/gadget combination, folks have begun to wonder just how they unlock all the advanced difficulties and additional activities that Wii Fit has to offer.

It’s difficult for a hardcore gamer like myself not to want to unlock everything possible in any game, even one that forces me to exercise to do so, so I did some research and compiled this list of all the game’s unlockables and the requirements to obtain them.

Unlockable Piggy Bank Colors

Your “Fitpiggy” bank will change colors as you accumulate higher and higher total amounts of time spent performing the game’s various exercises and activities. At ten hours of total playtime, players will unlock the bronze color for their bank. Twenty hours gets you a silver piggy and forty total hours are required for the ultimate prize, the golden piggy bank.

Unlockable Calendar Stamps

As you faithfully complete your body test day after day, the game rewards you with different stamps for your calendar. Unlock the “OK” stamp after your second body test, the star stamp after five tests, the heart stamp after six, the flower at ten tests, and the smiley face after your fourteenth test.

The truly dedicated are rewarded with a Mii face stamp after a total of thirty body tests have been completed.

Balance Game Unlockables

Wii Fit Balance Bubble Activity

The balance games are among my favorite Wii Fit activities. There are six activities in total, each with several varying levels of difficulties.

The first unlockable balance game, the Tightrope Walk, is unlocked upon reaching ten minutes of overall exercise credits. The Balance Bubble is unlocked at one hour of total exercise time. The Penguin Slide is available once you complete one hour and thirty minutes of total credits. Access the Snowboarding Slalom activity after two total hours of exercise time. The final unlockable activity, Lotus Focus, is available at three total hours of exercise time.

There are also various difficulty levels to be unlocked within the balance games. Unlock the advanced Balance Bubble difficulty by completing Balance Bubble beginner. Get the advanced Table Tilt difficulty by finishing the beginner Table Tilt. Unlock advanced Skiing by earning three stars in beginner Skiing. Get the advanced Snowboarding difficulty by completing the basic Snowboarding activity a total of three times.

To earn the advanced difficulty in Soccer, players must earn four stars in beginner Soccer. Advanced Tightrope Walk is unlocked by completing beginner Tightrope Walk, and the Expert version comes with completion of Advanced Tightrope.

Aerobic Activity Unlockables

Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing

The Rhythm Boxing activity is unlocked at one hour and 40 minutes of total exercise time.

To get the Super Hula Hoop activity, you must earn a three-star score in regular Hula Hoop. Earn the Advanced Step activity by reaching three stars in Basic Step. To unlock Free Step, simply complete Advanced Step 3 times.

There are three unlockable modes for Basic Run, as well. Unlock the Distance Long Run by completing the Short Distance track twice. Earn the Island Lap by completing the Long Distance track two times, and the Free Run mode by completing Basic Run a total of six times.

There are also several alternate routes through the various run courses that can be unlocked by following the various dogs that appear. Wait until a pooch overtakes your character and then speed up until the “Oh! You’ve passed your guide!” message appears. The game will soon say "Now follow the dog." and you’ll be taken on an alternate course.

Unlockable Yoga Poses

Wii Fit Yoga Pose

Yoga poses are another huge part of Wii Fit. Get the “Sun Salutation” pose at 15 minutes of total exercise time. The “Standing Knee” is unlocked at 45 total minutes, the “Palm Tree” at one hour and 20 minutes, the “Chair” pose at two hours and 15 minutes, “Triangle” at two hours and 50 minutes, “Downward Facing Dog” at three hours and 10 minutes, “King of the Dance” at three hours and 20 minutes, “Cobra” at three hours and 30 minutes, and the “Bridge” is unlocked at three hours and 40 minutes.

Accumulating four total hours in your fitpiggy bank will unlock the “Crocodile Twist” pose. The final pose, the “Shoulderstand” is unlocked at four hours and ten minutes of total exercise credits.

Unlockable Strength Activities

Wii Fit Hula Hoop Activity

The Rowing Squat and Single Leg Twist are unlocked at ten minutes of total credits. At one hour and ten minutes, you will unlock the Sideways Leg Left. Get one hour and 50 minutes of total time to get the Parallel Stretch activity.

The Tricep Extension exercise is unlocked with two hours and 30 minutes of total credits. Get the Arm and Leg Lift at two hours and 40 minutes and the Single Arm Stand at three hours and 50 minutes of total time.

There are also three strength training challenges to be unlocked. Get the Jackknife Challenge by earning a four star rank in the 10 and twenty second workouts. Earn a four star rank in the 60 second workout to earn the Parallel Stretch Challenge and a four star rank in the six and ten rep activities to earn the Pressup Challenge.

The Ultimate Balance Test

Wii Fit Balance Test

The Wii Fit Ultimate Balance Test is almost more of an Easter Egg than a true unlockable. Participate in it by first choosing your Mii to reach to reach the statistics screen and then selecting the balance board character running on a treadmill in the background with your Wiimote.

There are certainly no shortage of unlockables to be acquired in Wii Fit. With so much cool stuff to work towards, eager gamers should be exercising for quite some time to unlock them all, providing the ultimate carrot to entice players to keep up with their exercise regimen.