Wii Fit Plus Guide to Balance Games

Wii Fit Plus Guide to Balance Games
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Probably the best feature of the new Wii Fit Plus game is the fifteen new and improved balance games. Some people may spend their time contorting themselves into the various yoga poses or sweating it up with strength exercises, but I prefer to trick myself into exercising with fun games like skateboarding and juggling.

In my house, there is constant smack talk as we each improve and beat each other’s high scores. If you’re engaged in a similar feud and want some advice for improving your scores in the various balance games, look no further. These are some of the strategies that have helped me topple many of my fiance’s best ratings, as well as general tips that can improve your overall Wii Fit Plus balance game experience.


Probably my favorite thing about cycling is the lack of a time limit. You can make your way around the island (which should look familiar to Wii Sports Resort veterans) at your own pace, picking up checkpoints and checking out the scenery at your leisure.

It can take awhile to find all the checkpoints, which is why I’m glad the developers included the option of exiting out of the event at any time while still retaining your Wii Fit credits. Just press B and you can hop off the bike and still get credit for the time you’ve completed.

Segway Challenge

  • T

    Segway Challenge

    he Segway Challenge is probably my favorite of the new events in Wii Fit Plus. Racing around the island by leaning forward and backward on the balance board is probably as close to the authentic, thousands of dollars Segway experience as I’m likely to get.

  • Find the cat or dog that is hanging out in each level and they’ll be able to help you pop balloons by rushing out in front of you. Press the A button to send them chasing after the nearest balloon. If you’ve added your pets to Wii Fit Plus, you’ll have your actual cat or dog helping you out in the Segway events.

  • Press the 1 button on your remote to zoom out the mini map and find those far off balloons you haven’t yet popped.

  • Try to take the balloons in sequence. You’ll waste lots of time if you skip one and have to rush back across the map to get it at the end.

  • Sometimes it’s better to aim for the moles when they pop up instead of waiting for the balloon. Often, by the time you reach the mole, he’ll have just enough time to pop down into the hole and you’ll hit the upcoming balloon. Anticipation is a great way to save time.

  • Don’t be afraid to stop moving and wait for a balloon to reappear. It’s far faster than zooming past and having to come back afterward for a balloon that’s behind you.

  • The last mole on expert level has two balloons. Don’t stop chasing him after you’ve popped the first thinking you’re finished. Your pet can help here, as well, by stunning the fast-moving mole as he tries to escape.

Check out page two for help with the Driving Range, Snowball Fight, and Obstacle Course events.

Driving Range

  • Realistic golf mechanics can make a big difference in this event. Shift your body weight from your back leg to the front as you swing. Follow through is also important. Remember, you don’t have to swing hard, just swing well.
  • Sometimes, a one-handed swing can make it a little easier to get longer distances. You wouldn’t try it on an actual driving range, but it sometimes works well in Wii Fit.

Snowball Fight

  • Snowball Fight

    Try and anticipate the movements of the incoming snowball throwers. Often, you can hit them before they even make it to their barricade and not have to wait for them to peek out.

  • Snowmen turn back into Miis after the first hit, and only go down after the second. Anticipate this and always give snowmen a double tap instead of a single snowball.

  • On the first two levels, don’t be afraid to hide to regain health when you get low. You’ll miss a few opportunities to strike back, but your score is always higher when you last through the whole round than when you get hit halfway through because you were too impatient to wait for your health to come back.

  • On expert, switch sides often. Don’t throw more than two or three balls before ducking back behind cover. Your opponents are great shots and there are a lot of them. Don’t be afraid to hide and counterattack with quick surgical strikes.

Obstacle Course

  • Obstacle Course

    With the exception of the really long ones, most jumps are far shorter than your jumping distance. Take advantage of this by anticipating jumps and taking off early. It’s better to land a little short on the far platform than to try and wait until the last second and end up running off.

  • Many of the groups of swinging balls are perfectly timed for a straight run through. If you get past one and it looks like you can clear the next, just keep on running. Don’t stop unless you absolutely have to.

  • Keep one foot on the board at all times, but make sure you’re actually lifting the other when you try and move. Just lifting your heels won’t work, and you’ll find yourself stopping at inopportune times.

Page three has hints and tips to help you succeed in other Wii Fit Plus events like Tilt City, Juggling, Skateboarding, and Perfect 10.

Tilt City

  • Most important key to success in Tilt City is to not get frustrated. You’re going to miss a few balls here and there, just take a deep breath and make sure the next goes where it’s supposed to.
  • You can afford to lose a few regular balls, just try and make sure you sink all the large character balls.
  • Like a lot of the events, streaks are the key to high scores. If you miss a ball, just concentrate on setting up your next streak.
  • Take the balls in sequence, but switch to the next as soon as one is on its way in. You don’t have time to watch each ball go in, just make sure its headed there and then move on.


  • Juggling

    Balls thrown in will come to wherever you’re balancing, as long as it’s not the edge of the platform. Don’t worry about moving toward them.

  • While juggling, the ball will glow when it is in range of your hand. Keep an eye out for the glow and move the corresponding hand when you see it.

  • Do your best to balance on the board. If you can stand still, you’ll only have to worry about your hand movements. Working on your left/right balance during the daily weigh ins can really help you in this event.

  • If you can’t stand perfectly still, try rhythmically stepping from foot to foot. You’ll move back and forth, but should stay near the center of the platform. If you get a good rhythm going, you can concentrate on juggling.


  • Skateboarding

    You must actually step off the board to push. The game can tell if your weight doesn’t shift all the way to the ground. Faking it will not work.

  • Turning can be done with subtle leaning. Leaning too far will only result in sharp turns and massive overcorrection. Use slight movements.

  • Kick off the balance board when you’re at the edge of a jump. Don’t be afraid to anticipate it. Don’t wait too long or you’ll fall off the edge without jumping.

Perfect 10

  • Perfect 10

    It takes so long for the numbers to appear, sometimes its better to just bump one the first chance you’ll get. Chances are it’ll be one you need, and if not, it’s still faster to bump it again than it would be to wait in most cases.

  • Subtle movements are key here, too. Don’t shift your weight too dramatically or the over correction will have you bumping the opposite number as well.

While none of these strategies are sure-fire, profound ways to guarantee high scores, they have all helped me improve my overall scores in these events. I hope you find something here that will help you rise above the competition in your own home.

The best part about these events is that I almost forget I’m exercising because I’m having such a good time. Just another way Wii Fit Plus tricks you into burning calories and enjoying yourself in the process.