Who Can Get the Most out of Wii Fit? Find Out In This Wii Fit Review

Who Can Get the Most out of Wii Fit?

As the holiday season approaches and the gaming industry’s golden point of the year draws closer, many Nintendo Wii owners are left wondering where their blockbuster first-party titles will be. There’s not a whole lot on the horizon for the big N’s end-of-year term, but one thing remains certain that has been ringing true since the very beginning of the summer – it is still insanely difficult to find Wii Fit anywhere. Gamestop, arguably the industry’s largest retailer, does not have the bundles in-stock on their website. People are still calling stores around their areas to see if they have any available.

While this “game’s” rabid fan-base gobbles up any copies they can find, another notion remains true: this piece of software is not for everybody. It’s something of a novelty, Wii Fit – a virtual exercise tool that supposedly helps you organize your workouts and stay in shape even if you’re just lounging around the house and don’t have the time or money to get to a gym. So does it deliver on its promises? The answer is yes and no. My hope is to clarify exactly what Wii Fit is and what it should be used for, saving some people the time and cost of hunting down this mammoth cash machine.

First off, let me say that I do own a copy of Wii Fit, but it hasn’t been getting a whole lot of use in my house. For one thing, my hands are too big and my arms are too long to do any kind of floor exercise with the balance board. I was extremely disappointed to discover this when I first brought it home, because I was looking to find an efficient way to do my daily push-ups. Unfortunately, it was a letdown.

That being said, however, my sister (who is 30 years old, I might add) absolutely loves the device. Whenever she visits, she plays Wii Fit for hours, indulging in the yoga and aerobic exercises like it’s her job. Even my mother has tried her hands at the device, fascinated by its supposed practicality. But I still can’t seem to find an efficient use for the software. Since I can’t do the floor exercises (please release a larger balance board, Nintendo) I’m stuck with aerobics (which can actually be huge fun), yoga or the balance games. Since I’m not much of a yoga aficionado, I stick with balancing and aerobics. I do enjoy the balance games, but they don’t do much in terms of exercise – they’re more like a bunch of mini games that are just amusing to toy around with. The aerobics give you a little bit more of a workout, if you’re serious about the movements.

In conclusion, I would not recommend Wii Fit to any kind of fitness freak who is looking to move their gym workout to the household. Hopefully with a sequel, Nintendo can refine the balance board and the layout of some of the games to make it more intense and appropriate for a wider range of exercisers looking to stay fit. But for now, once the novelty of this game wears off, many users will be scratching their heads.