Best Strength Exercises - Wii Fit

Best Strength Exercises - Wii Fit
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Does the Wii Fit Really Work Your Muscles? Best Strength Exercises - Wii Fit

The Wii Fit platform contains many categories of exercise, including balance, strength, Yoga and aerobics. Each of these has their place in your workout routine, but the ones that are sure to produce the most results are found in the strength category. These exercises challenge your balance as well as your physical endurance by gradually increasing difficulty as you progress and achieve new high scores.

The Wii Fit sometimes gets a bad rap for giving players the idea that they are burning calories when really, they’re just moving back and forth on a miniature board looking like an idiot. But before you go writing off the Wii Fit for your own use, experiment with some of these strength exercises and see if you don’t feel the difference.

Torso Twists

Torso twists are a great way to warm up your arm muscles and stretch your back muscles. This slow exercise will tone your arms and work on the solar plexus muscles on each side of your abdomen.

To begin, stand on the Wii Fit board with your arms stretched out at both sides. Turning from your waist, twist all the way to the right, come back to center, twist all the way to the left and return to center again.

Next, you’ll twist diagonally. Keep your arms in this same “flight” position, and bend down from your waist. Point your right hand toward your left foot, return to standing position, point your left hand toward your right foot, and return to standing position again.

Single Leg Extensions

Single leg extensions test your balance and make those muscles burn while you exercise on your Wii Fit.

Single Leg Extensions

To begin, stand on the Wii Fit board and lift one leg. Swing it slowly behind you and stretch the arm on the same side toward the ceiling. Bend forward with your upper body and tilt these limbs to a diagonal line. Hold the pose, then repeat with the other side.

The objective is to maintain balance on the standing foot and use the abdomen to stabilize your upper body.

Single Leg Twists

Single Leg Twists

Single leg twists on the Wii Fit can get tricky, especially where balance is concerned.

To begin, stand on the Wii Fit board and raise one leg in front of you. Bend your knee at a 90 degree angle and reach your opposite hand across your body to rest on this knee. Maintain balance on your other foot as you stand straight and squeeze your glutes to burn calories.

Plank Exercise

The plank exercise is similar to a push-up, only instead of pushing up, you’re maintaining your position the entire time.

To begin, lay on your belly and prop your elbows on the Wii Fit board. Grasping the front of the board with your hands, raise your body into pushup position. Depending on which difficulty level you chose, you might have to hold this position for 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

The objective is to keep your body in a straight line and poise your weight on your arms. Squeezing your abdomen inward also helps maintain balance.

These Wii Fit exercises can be performed as part of a daily routine or in conjunction with other Wii Fit activities.