Android Gaming: Blow Up for Android Short Review, Tips and Tricks

Blow Up Game for Android – A Short Review

The Blow Up game on Android is fairly simple in its concept. The aim is to blow up a structure with dynamite, so that it falls under a designated dotted line. Only if the complete structure falls under the line, can the player progress to the next level, which obviously becomes increasingly difficult. A player can get a bonus when the puppet panda, which sits on top of the structure, falls onto the bonus star symbol. Naturally, this takes a bit more strategic ingenuity to achieve.

Blow Up for Android is a fun game with enough depth to keep a player occupied for quite a while. It has a large variety of levels, bombs and structures that all need their variety of strategies to beat. The graphics are good enough to serve the purpose of the game, although the explosions could be a little bit more realistic. The tumbling physics are, however, realistic enough to be compelling and keep the player looking for new ways to beat the previous score set. All in all the Blow Up game is a great addition to the game landscape on Android.

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Tips and Tricks for Blow Up

As games like Blow Up require a lot of trial and error there aren’t too many tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your chances of beating a level. However, there are a few strategies that can send a player in the right direction. A selection of these tips follows:

Progressing Quickly Through Levels

If setting the highest scores is not an issue for you it would be advisable to make the dotted line boundary as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to place the bombs on strategic points just underneath the line itself. This way the top part of a structure will tumble down with greater certainty, whereas the lower part may or may not remain standing. Nevertheless, you will make the level and progress to the next one.

Tall Buildings

Tall buildings are fairly easy to tackle. The best tactics would be to focus on placing the bombs only on one side of the structure to initiate a sideward tumbling motion. Preferably put the explosives on the side of the bonus symbol, to increase the chance of the panda hitting it.

Breaking the Wooden Beams

In a lot of instances, it will pay off to place bombs so that they break larger wooden beams. This is instead of placing the bombs at joints. Breaking the wood often has a more destructive effect, with a structure crashing under the dotted line entirely. If you go for joints sometimes the structure will stay largely intact.

Timing is Everything

Remember that the bombs can be timed. You can often get better results by placing a small delay on some of your bombs to sequence them. Do this by double tapping on the bomb and selecting the delay you want. This is especially handy for sending the panda tumbling in the right direction towards the star before bringing the whole structure down.

Progressing in Blow Up for Android

Blow Up for Android is really a game where a player will improve with a lot of practice. The above-mentioned tips and hints will definitely help in a lot of situations. When the player gets the opportunity to use heavier bombs, this will obviously have an effect as well. In the end there are different strategies for different purposes, so it will eventually be up to the player to figure that out for him or herself.

Blow Up for Android is available for $2.99, although a lite, ad supported, version is also available.

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