Tetris DS Review: The Addictive Classic Game on the Go

Tetris DS Review: The Addictive Classic Game on the Go
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Tetris DS - Overview

Tetris has reached its way onto about every portable device, and the DS is no exception. Tetris DS, made by the official company, utilizes the unique controls and dual screens to provide a new experience while providing the same excitement from placing tetriminos on the board. The goal of Tetris DS is to clear lines of blocks by placing tetriminos into interlocking positions while thinking ahead at what to do next, just like in the original Tetris. This can keep you busy for hours as you try to beat your highscore, or pass the time. But, Tetris DS is still as highly addictive as the original Tetris was in the days of the NES.

Is the Gameplay the Same in Tetris DS? (5 out of 5)

Tetris DS comes with a single player portion complete with all the classic marathon modes and missions, along with some unique to the DS. Touch utilizes the (you guessed it) touch screen to move blocks left and right to clear lines. This does not feel like a gimmick and is quite interesting for those looking for a spin on the regular modes or from the original Tetris. Also, there is a puzzle mode in Tetris DS where you are limited to only a several tetriminos as you solve a puzzle. This also is very interesting, but it does get frustrating when you get to the higher and more difficult levels.

When playing the marathon modes in Tetris DS, the controls are easy to use and fit the form of your hand. It might take a while to get used to, but when you hae adjusted, you will enjoy the quick access to the various buttons. the D pad also allows you to move the blocks as fast as on the computer. It is sometimes inaccurate due to the wear and tear on the DS, but this only occurs occassionally.

If you are looking for the same experience, Tetris DS provides this along with new modes that challenge your brain.

But How is the Multiplayer in Tetris DS? (5 out of 5)

Tetris DS comes with local multiplayer and online multiplayer. The local multiplayer works perfect as you battle to clear lines to send to the opponent’s side. This turns out to be an intense and fast paced game as a single tetriminos can change the whole outcome of the game. I did not experience any lag or connection problems with the Tetris DS local multiplayer, making it a very enjoyable experience. The wireless multiplayer with Tetris DS pits you against other people around the world. This also provides an enjoyable experience with little to no lag. The only discouraging part is that most of the players playing on wifi are either cheating or extremely good. If you think you are up to that challenge, the online modes will be a good place to let out your inner Tetris skills.

Replay Value for Tetris DS (4 out of 5)

Like all other original Tetris games, the puzzle aspect of Tetris DS is very addictive. Tetris DS keeps this same feeling giving it a ton of replay value. If you enjoyed the original Tetris, you will enjoy this game. On the other hand, if Tetris is not your thing, there isn’t much else to do in this game then play what this game was made to do.


Tetris DS is a great addition to the number of original Tetris games on other handheld consoles. It’s addictive gameplay is now availalbe everywhere, and can provide hours of enjoyment alone or with your friends. It utilizes the Nintendo Ds’s unique layout and touch screen without making it feel like it was tacked on. With nice graphics that keep the action going, it is a no brainer for Tetris fans like me. If you are on the go and want to pass the time, this is a great addition to your game collection. I highly recommend you check out Tetris DS, you will not regret it.

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