Facebook Game Review: Backyard Monsters - Build your own Facebook monster army!

Facebook Game Review: Backyard Monsters - Build your own Facebook monster army!
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Backyard Monsters Game Basics (5 out of 5)

It’s time to face the facts farming on Facebook can only take you so far and you get the itch to shoot something eventually. With Backyard Monsters you can do just that and build a base too. This game lets you control an army of monsters and attack other Facebook users. The game gives up a fourteen day grace period before you can be attacked which is plenty of time to get your base up and running and the monsters cranking out. Four main resources are used including twigs, pebbles, putty, and goo. Another resource called shiny is also used but it’s the games currency. You start with some shiny and you can purchase items in the game store which will speed up your building process but it’s a good idea to save your shiny for the times when you really need it. You may want touches one more worker monster since you only have one and two can really speed up your base building. To fight others you need a map room and a flinger to start the monster killing action. As you build a few NPC monsters will attack your base so get those defenses up soon. Be sure to complete the quests for rewards such as extra resources and some shiny.

Base Building (4 out of 5)

Backyard Monsters

Since you have a fourteen day grace period you can start base building right away. There’s a short tutorial you can do which will get you building some basic buildings. You will start with your town hall which is needed to add additional buildings to your base area. Your workers will get this up and running right away and you can then build resource structures. You have a twig snapper, pebble shiner, putty squishier, and goo factory. Higher levels of your town hall will enable you to build multiple resource mines and some silos will hold extra resources for you. Your workers can also pick mushrooms scattered around the map which may reward you with a few shiny, the games currency. Be sure you have a tower or two for defense as a few NPC monsters will attack you as your building. If your base gets damaged by them you can repair it and continue building.

Making Monsters (4 out of 5)

To make monsters you need three buildings including the monster hatchery, monster locker, and monster housing. The monster locker will allow you to research various monsters while the hatchery will grow them with goo. Your finished monsters will move to the monster housing building ready for battle. Higher level monsters will take more resources so keep those mines going and upgrade them. Once you have a flinger and a map room your ready to do battle with other players.


Backyard Monsters is a great Facebook game and a nice change of pace from other games on the site. Some options like decorations for your base are not available yet but should be soon. There also appears to be some extra buildings coming too and different tower defenses. You can also play the game in a full screen mode which is nice. The monsters could be a little bigger but they are colorful and you can see their beady eyes. Look for my guide coming soon on how to build up your base more and get into some Facebook monster fighting action.