Guide to Facebook Game Backyard Monsters - Get Monster building on Facebook

Guide to Facebook Game Backyard Monsters - Get Monster building on Facebook
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Backyard Monsters First Steps

When you first log into Backyard Monsters you will want to do the short tutorial and get your town hall up and running. The tutorial will get you used to building and teach you a bit about the game. You will need all four of the resources buildings for twigs, pebbles, goo, and putty. Be sure you also have a couple of resource silos to hold the excess resources. Click reach resource building to move the resources out into your storage. Twigs and pebbles are used the most in the beginning so upgrade those buildings first and be sure to have a couple of defensive towers to fight off the NPC monsters that will harass you from time to time. Concentrate on your resource building and silos first and don’t worry about he other buildings yet because you want to get your economy going first. Just remember you have fourteen days grace period before you can be attacked so you have time to really get your economy moving along. You can read about each building in the build menu if your not sure what each one does.

Monster Building

The first monster building you need is the monster locker. With this building you can unlock or research different monsters. Once you have done the unlocking the monster is now ready to be hatched. To hatch monster you need the monster hatchery just click on the monster you want. Once monsters are produced they will go into the monster housing building. You need all three buildings for you monster production and you should have two or more housing structures for you monsters. To hold more monsters upgrade each housing building. The hatchery control building can allow you to control all your monster housing structures from one building and queue up your army.

The General Store

Backyard Monsters

From the general store you can purchase items for your game with “shiny” the game currency. You will receive some shiny when you begin play but you can get more by picking some mushrooms with your worker that are scattered around the map. You can also buy more shiny with PayPal or other payment methods. You can use shiny to fill up your resource reserves fore example or buy a new worker for your yard. You can also use shiny to expand your yard to bigger levels to hold more buildings. Try to save your shiny for when you need it the most and not waste it in the beginning even if it’s tempting.

Towers and Walls

Your base needs defenses so you should think how you want to set them up. The sniper tower is a good first defense and shoots a long distance. You will get the ability to deploy additional towers with each town hall upgrade. The cannon tower is good for up close and perfect to place by vital buildings that might be attacked. You can set traps to at various strategic locations. You can’t wall everything so a good plan is to first wall off your resources and silos and put some defensive towers around your vital economic buildings.

The Map Room and Flinger

Backyard Monsters

The map room gives you the ability to see the other Facebook players around you and decide which ones you want to attack. You can also click view and get a glimpse of how their yard looks in terms of defenses. You can then tailor your army to take down those defenses. So for example if they have lots of towers you will want to build more monsters that can take down towers quickly. A player can change their yard around so always be prepared for that too and have a backup plan. If your involved in a fight with another player you can also click their icon and request a truce. You can buy additional protection days with shiny if your army is devastated and you need to rebuild too. Once you build the flinger you can launch your attacks from here on your enemies. You need both the map room and flinger to attack other Facebook Backyard Monsters players.

Advanced Buildings

The monster juice loosener building will let you take monsters you no longer want and turn them back into goo. This will give you more room in your monster housing units for additional troops when you really need them. This building is very expensive so you won’t get one right away. The yard planner building will give you a snapshot of your yard layout. You can then easily move your buildings around and get your yard defenses in better locations. A town hall level three is needed before you can male this building.

Game Quests

Backyard Monsters

The game features many different quests so be sure to do these. You will automatically finish some quests by the upgrading of your buildings or unlocking different monsters. Doing quests early on will reward you with valuable resources you can use to build up your base in a shorter period of time. Picking mushrooms will also help you to complete some quests too.

Where To Go From Here

Once you have all the basic buildings and can make monsters you should unlock as many monsters as you can with your monster locker. Be sure to upgrade your resource mines to the highest levels so you have tons of resources coming into your base. You will need to upgrade your town hall too and this can really eat into your resources reserves. Be sure you have addional resource silos to hold all your excess resources. Aim for four or more resource silos on your base and upgrade them.


Backyard Monsters is a great Facebook game. If your tired of farming on run of the mill RPGs you might want to try this fighting game. You have plenty of neat monsters to build and it’s fun to defend your base against other Facebook players.