Top Five Free Basketball Game Apps for iPhone

Top Five Free Basketball Game Apps for iPhone
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Arcade Hoops Basketball Lite

First on the list of free basketball game apps for iPhone is the Arcade Hoops Basketball Lite version. It also happens to be one of the slickest-looking basketball games for iPhone. Featuring an upbeat soundtrack that will entice you to play the game, nice 3D graphics and fast gameplay, this game will test how many baskets you can sink in 45 seconds. If you can do it easily in real-life, this iPhone game might give you a hard time shooting as many baskets using your finger. The only problem with this free lite version is that you might find it too addictive, prompting you to buy the ad-free full version for a fee. (Download link)



This is probably one of the best, if not the best, free basketball game app for iPhone. The game features accelerometer based ball control, half court shooting physics, a cool-looking street court environment, an online shooting competition, and a national leaderboard. Many have already downloaded this game and enjoyed playing it on their iPhone, so you might as well give it a try. It’s free anyway and there’s only a slim chance that you won’t enjoy it. (Download link)

3D Arcade Basketball

3d arcade

Here’s another cool iPhone basketball game. In fact, for a free iPhone game, cool may be an understatement because this game features amazing 3D logic and physics that make it look good on the iPhone. Basically, it’s a 3D treatment to the classic arcade basketball game. Aside from 3D graphics, the game also features game timer, 3D virtual scoreboard, and virtual hands. While the game may be easy to pick-up, beating your previous scores will make it more challenging. (Download link)

A 3D Fire Basketball-Awesome Shoot

3d fire basketball

It’s very rare that you’ll find a free basketball game or any iPhone game for that matter, that’s as feature-rich as 3D Fire Basketball. The game features realistic and awesome gameplay, three game modes, ranking and 6 set shoot position. Don’t even worry about complicated gameplay as this game is one of the easiest, pick up and go arcade games around. Perfect that smooth touch to perform the most awesome shots. (Download link)

iBasket Free

iBasket Free

Before we give you the great features of this game, allows us to inform you that this game has just been updated and now supports Apple’s Game Center - making it even more compelling and fun to play. Now, possibly the most addictive iPhone basketball game for the iPhone, iBasket Free features a flawless physics engine and stunning game graphics.The game lets you specify the exact trajectory of the ball as it goes straight into the basket. Other features of this iPhone game include - triple shots, clean shot for extra time, iBasket ranking, and support for Facebook Connect. (Download link)