How To Get A High Score On Bejeweled Blitz

How To Get A High Score On Bejeweled Blitz
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Some Game Basics

Bejeweled Blitz is a simple puzzle game where you match three or more of the same jewel in a row to eliminate them. New jewels fall into the board from the top as you go, and certain matches create special jewels that explode, shoot lightning, and other fun things. The twist is that each game only lasts for one minute - and in that time you aim for the highest score possible.

So, how to get high scores on Bejeweled Blitz then? Aside from lots of practice, here are a few basic tips to improve your game.

Don’t Wait for the Emcee to Finish Talking

At the beginning of each game, the emcee says in an ominous tone: “One minute. Go.” You can start playing as soon as the screen is done loading. You don’t have to wait for him to finish or for the word “Go” to disappear.

Set Off Multipliers Early and Often

A multiplier is a jewel with a number on it. It can be any of the usual colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, or white). The first one on the board will say 2 - eliminate it, and all your score points double to the end of the game. The next multiplier will say 3 (triple your score points), then 4 (quadruple!) and so on. The earlier and faster you set these off, the more points you can rack up and the higher your final score. Explosions, lightning, and hypercubes count for eliminating multipliers. In the example, moving the circled purple jewel downward will set off the star gem, which will take out the “x3” multiplier above it. Alternately, you can move the multiplier gem upward to match the whites, then the yellow gem below the star gem downward to match the purples.

You can also buy multiplier boosts with the coins you earn during each game. This makes sure there’s a multiplier on the board at the start of the game so you don’t have to wait for one to appear. Each purchase is good for three games.

Subdivide the Game Board

Think of the Bejeweled Blitz board as four smaller areas. Stuff happening at the top won’t affect the jewels at the bottom. Stuff happening on the left won’t affect the jewels on the right, and vice versa. Alternate between different areas instead of waiting for jewels to settle between moves.

Moving the Same Jewel More Than Once in Bejeweled Blitz

On the flip side, move the same jewel through several matches in a row whenever possible. This cuts down on how far you have to move your mouse between matches, which lets you play faster and score higher. In the example, you can move the orange gem rightward to match the three yellows, then to the right again to match the three whites.

The Hint Button

If you can’t find anything to match, use the hint button. It’s beside the game board to the lower left. There are no penalties for using the hint button, so feel free to use it as often as you need, as soon as you need it.

Above All, Don’t Stop Moving

The most important thing is to keep moving. It’s a blitz! You don’t have time to find the best possible move ever, so just match the first thing you see. Don’t get distracted by lightning and explosions, don’t wait for stuff to settle, and try not to panic about the dwindling timer. You get bonus points for making matches at high speed - and the longer you can keep it up, the more points you get.

And the more you play, the better you’ll get at spotting the good moves quickly - and the higher your final Bejeweled Blitz score.