Wii Gamers’ Burger Island Review

The Good Parts (4 out of 5)

Burger Island for the Wii

Burger Island for the Wii gaming console is one of the most entertaining and satisfying time management simulation video games available for the Wii experience, like A Boy and his Blob, Order Up! and Space Camp. Playing Patty Melton as she turns around the Beach Burger Restaurant is engaging fun that challenges you to earn money to spread your franchise all the way to the Capitol City of Honochuchu.

The maniac multiplayer mode for up to four competitors was a riot, with sixty levels of burger flipping fun to keep your kids and their friends laughing and playing for hours on end. Keep your customers happy and then open a new franchise in one of five tropical locations.

The Bad Parts (3 out of 5)

Burger Island is an fun game

Burger Island for the Wii gaming console has an amazing amount of levels to play, but unfortunately many of them are too similar to be considered different. They need to make an effort to make each level unique and therefore much more fun to play.

The control scheme is responsive and quick enough during the early levels, but once you reach the upper levels of the game the control scheme starts to show its weakness as the time you have to make the dishes decreases and it becomes very challenging to complete everything in the time provided with the control scheme used.

The Game Graphics (4 out of 5)

The burning sun above, hot grill below, and rolling surf beneath your feet all have enough detail to keep the kids happy, but adults will find it a little comical and cartoon-like. The presentation is bright and clear, yet pretty simple in details, but it has just enough detail to tell the various dishes, characters, and ingredients apart. The island themed environments are also pretty simple looking and lack detail and the outside of the screens were occasionaliy jagged and blurry. The animations were smooth and responsive, which makes it easier to make the dishes, and keep your customer coming back for more. There were no slow downs even on the highest levels and although the moves needed to be quicker to succeed the animations stayed steady.

Sounds in the Game (3 out of 5)

Burger Island allows you to open your own restaurant

The sound track included with Burger Island is lighthearted and airy, perfect for keeping kids engaged in the game play, with upbeat electronic tunes and tropical music that helps to keep you in the theme of the game. The sound effects are simple, but distinct enough to tell the individual sound apart, and provide you with audible clues to help you when the action gets really intense.

The Story Line (3 out of 5)

Burger Island is a game for kids or adults

In Burger Island you play the game as the main character, Patty Melton, a survivor of a shipwreck at sea that washes up on Mount Tikikola Beach. Found by an old couple who run a local beach restaurant called Beach Burger Restaurant. When the couple decides they should retire, Patty finds herself as the new owner of Beach Burger Restaurant, and begins her new adventure learning to run her own restaurant. You have to learn how to make all the dishes correctly, so you can make more money to buy more recipes to increase your business, and spread your franchise into neighboring territories by opening another restaurant.

Playability (3 out of 5)

Burger Island for the Wii gaming console is a very playable game for kids and will even keep an adult entertained for a few hours. The sixty levels increase in difficulty by making the dishes more complicated as you progress through the game and by decreasing the time you have to make the dish before your customers start to become impatient. In addition, you need to remember the dishes you learned to make in the beginning of the game, while implement new ingredients and recipes to increase your business.

You’ll need fast reflexes, emotional control, and to juggle up to four different dishes at a time when the action starts to get intense. Burger Island was just as intense, satisfying, and engaging as Order Up! but for me this game has more depth and was more fun to play. The Wii controls worked good, they were useful for the jobs you need them to do, but getting all the work done with them becomes really difficult.

The Last Word (3 out of 5)

A fun and satisfying video game recommended for all ages and types of gamer. Burger Island is an excellent video game for kids to learn a few basic time management skills and practice their hand to eye coordination using the movements and screen actions that are also fun and extremely engaging. Adults will even playing this game, especially with the kids, because they can have fun with the kids while teaching them useful skills.