How Play Burger Bustle and Get Gold Trophies - Guide to the City Restaurant

How Play Burger Bustle and Get Gold Trophies - Guide to the City Restaurant
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General Tips to Earn Gold Trophies

To earn the gold trophies, you will need to be strategic in how tasks are assigned to workers. Speed is also key to success in these levels. Workers need to be kept busy at their stations by constantly having them prepare items. Keep in mind that only one snack/drink/dessert of each type can be prepared at one time while two of each sandwiches can be stored at each station. Use the bonus items (coffee, music box and candy) to temporarily enhance customer mood and game play speed. For additional tips, be sure to read my Burger Bustle strategy guide.

Level 25 - City

Goal: 5 chicken sandwiches with everything and 15 customer smiles :) in 2:55 minutes or less

My score: 2:55 minutes

In this level many customers will want snacks. Assign 2 workers to the snack stations, 1 worker on sandwiches and 1 for the delivery counter. Purchase the chicken sandwich station as soon as you have enough money. Use the coffee machine every time it refreshes to speed delivery of customer orders. If customers get impatient, give them candy for a quick mood boost. Note: You can also keep customers happier longer if you use the music box.

Once you have the chicken sandwich station, consider any customer that requests sandwiches as a priority since you will need 5 to complete your goal. As you play Burger Bustle you may need to move a worker from the snack station to cover the sandwich topping section. Otherwise you can hire an additional worker if money is available.

Level 26 - City

Goal: Hire 7 workers and get 20 customer smiles J in 2:55 minutes or less

My score: 2:50 minutes

At the beginning of this level you start off with 4 workers. Temporarily, assign two workers to the snack station to make fries and hot drinks. Place one worker at the sandwich and delivery counter.

Top each chicken sandwich with ketchup before delivering it to the customer. This will help you raise money faster for hiring the additional workers you need. When sandwiches begin to be ordered with toppings, move one worker over to the topping station area.

Hire the extra workers as soon as you have the money. Assign them to any station that needs extra support.

Level 27 - City

Burger Bustle game

Goal: Earn $1000 and get 15 customer smiles :) in 3:30 minutes or less

My score: 3:15 minutes

Speed is the key to success in level 27. At the beginning, you will only have 2 workers. Assign one worker to the delivery counter and the other at the sandwich station. Once the sandwich person has prepared two of each type of sandwich, transfer him over to the topping station.

To earn the $1000 quickly, you will need to put ketchup on every sandwich that is delivered to customers. Use the coffee and music often for mood and speed boosting. Note: Ideally, the best time to use the coffee is when there are a lot of sandwich orders with multiple toppings.

Once you have earned the $1000, you can use any additional money earned towards an extra worker.

Level 28 - City

Goal: Hire four workers, deliver 5 red sodas, 5 onion rings and 5 black cup hot drinks in 3:40 minutes or less.

My score: 3:40 minutes

In this level, you start off with 3 workers. Assign one worker to the sandwich station, one to the topping stations and another to the delivery counter. Prepare some sandwiches before customers start arriving at the City restaurant. As the sandwiches are made, add ketchup and place them on the delivery counter. Note: Always right click any delivery actions. Purchase the soda, fries and hot drink stations as soon as you have the money. Hire the fourth worker last.

Customer orders will start coming in faster as the level progresses. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Your first priorities will always be customer order items that go towards your goal. Once your goals have been completed (with a time of 3:40 or less for the gold trophy), the clock timer stops and you can complete the remaining orders at your own pace.

Level 29 - City

Goal: 3 chicken, fish and burgers with all toppings in 3:30 minutes or less.

My score: 3:26 minutes

Level 29 is challenging. To get the gold trophy, you will really need to pay attention to what orders you have left as the level progresses. Continuously have a worker(s) make sandwiches. As you play Burger Bustle at the beginning of this level, top each sandwich with ketchup before delivering to the customer. Purchase the sandwich topping stations as soon as you have the money. Once done, hire additional workers. Assign one worker to the snack and sandwich topping stations. As always, use the coffee and music box to boost delivery speed and customer mood. Towards the end of the level, never lose sight of your level goals. Keep an eye on your task window to see what items you need.

Level 30 - City

Burger Bustle game menu

Goal: 1 chicken, burger and fish sandwich with all toppings and 20 customer smiles :) in 2:50 minutes or less.

My score: 2:48 minutes

Focus first on earning the customer smiles. Deliver orders as quickly as possible. Have your workers constantly prepare drinks and sandwiches (with ketchup). Use the small tray in the middle counter to store an extra item. Keep customers happy by giving them candy and playing the music box. Use coffee as often as possible to speed customer order preparation and delivery.

As soon as you have enough money, purchase the sandwich topping stations. After this, buy the remaining sandwich preparation stations.

Level 31 - City

Goal: Make $1,500 and 5 fish/burger/chicken sandwiches with tomato in 3:20 minutes or less.

My score: 3:09 minutes

Your first priority in this level is earning the $1,500. Prepare all sandwiches with ketchup. Place two workers at the dessert and drink stations. Assign one worker to sandwiches, toppings and the delivery counter.

When customers are happy they will leave higher tips. Keep the good vibes going by using the music box often. Use candy on customers that begin to have a “blue” mood. Use the coffee when you have multiple orders of sandwiches.

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