Catch Words Free - New Language Game for iPhone Users

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Learning a new language got more interesting with iPhone. Developed by Appgasm, Catch Words Free is a free word game for iPhone users that offers a great way to learn a different language. The iPhone game includes a vocabulary of common words taken from six different languages. All you have to do is take up an English word and guess its synonyms in one of the five other languages. Make the right guess quickly and move on to the next word. You can play Catch Words Free with up to 20 of your friends. It is a fun game, but you can benefit a great deal from it as you get to learn words of new languages.

Usability (4 out of 5)

Catch Words Free incorporates a number of useful features including an easy-to-play interface. The iPhone game has impressive graphics. At the start of the word game, you will find the ‘Instructions’ button after clicking on which you can get all the relevant info on how to play the game. There are six mini categories in Catch Words Free. The word list in the iPhone game is customizable so that you can save your own word list. Maintaining your scoreboard is also not much of an issue. You can keep the score either manually or automatically in your iPhone.

The iPhone game includes a word list comprising of 3000 common English words along with their synonyms in five different languages - Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch. You can choose any language from these to play the word game. Whenever the English word appears on your iPhone screen, you need to guess the correct synonym in your chosen language. Users can play the Catch Words Free game in two teams. You can name the teams as well.

Once you are ready for the game, just click on the ‘Start’ button and play it on. During the word game, the score point of each team will be flashed on your iPhone screen. Participant teams can even skip the words if they want to and then quickly move on to the next word. No need to remind that it will simply cut down their score. The winning score will be updated time to time on your iPhone screen, which you can check while going to the main menu.

Last Notes

It is easy to play and score in Catch Words Free. Moreover, the iPhone game is free on the App Store. And above all, you will get a chance to learn new words from five different languages apart from English. Isn’t it great enough for you to download the word game?