Learn How to Create a Fun Computer Classroom for Children to Learn

Learn How to Create a Fun Computer Classroom for Children to Learn
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Creating a computer classroom for children environment is beginning to take flight amongst most educational facilities especially in the preschool and elementary school arena. The real benefit is the software games that teachers can use for preschoolers and kindergarten children to reinforce their own curriculum. There are many free computer games and activities to get children started learning both the computer and going over their lessons. The following games are great for kindergarten children who are at the beginning stages of their learning and development.

Learn ABC’s

If you are teaching children to read. The first thing they need to be familiar with is of course, the alphabet. The alphabet words are combined in this little game with three images of words that start with the specific letter. The classic A is for apple or ant set up. The child has to simply use the mouse to click on the letter or the image and the narrator will sound the word or image. It’s a great way for the child to learn how to use the mouse while exploring the alphabet. To play this click on the following link.

Image Credit: PiuPau

Haunted Alphabet

You may ask yourself, what type of haunted house is this? This game will help kindergardeners learn the alphabet in a very cool way with a Halloween twist. They will be inside of a ghost house where the alphabet letters are hidden throughout the house. The job of the player is to find the alphabet letters and click on them so that they can fly over to their spot on the alphabet list. You never know where the letters are hiding, they could be near the fireplace, on the rug or even on the front door. It’s up to the child to find the letters in time. To play this activity click on the following link.

Letter Matching

Well if your kindergartner is great at spelling then they will love this game. This computer classroom children game will help you know if the kindergarten student is ready to read by recognizing how to put the rest of the word together, by completing just one letter. For instance there will be an image and the following words “B O ? K”, you will have to fill the question mark in with the letter “O”, and there you have your new word ! To play this activity click on the following link.

Connect the Letters

connect the letters

This is a fun games for those learners who like to draw and connect dots. They will have a series of pictures that have to be completed, like a flying kite or a shooting star. In order for the pictures to be completed they will need to know the sequential order of the alphabet, then they will use the mouse to click on each letter to complete the full alphabet or at least as much as they need to in order to complete the picture. To play this activity click on the following link.

Image Credit: Funschool