Cooking Dash 3 Expert Guide to the Spooky Shack

Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills – Spooky Shack Venue Part 1

Level 21

The first level of Cooking Dash 3 Expert Guide to the Spooky Shack is quite straightforward. Remember to keep


both hands full at all times. Keep chaining and keep an eye on the customer line. When you pass by the tables, always try to take care of multiple customers in a row. Every time you take a drink be sure to start another one up so it's always there and you don't waste any time. At the end of the level buy a third stove for 7500.

Level 22

Start the level off by getting a drink ready. Seat the customers, keep the stoves busy and clear the customers in chains to make room for new ones. Buy the second prep table for Grandma for 4700. Get the 'fill the place with music' upgrade (6100).

Level 23

The strategy should be the same as that for level 22; keep chaining, keep screening the customers and keep the


stoves busy with the appropriate food items. At the end of the level, buy serving domes for the salads (8600) and 'another spigot' for two glasses of soda for 3000. Also get the 'high quality sound system' (6400).

Level 24

Start both of the drinks immediately. Get grandma to fill up both of the prep tables. Hit up the music box occasionally. Make sure both spigots always have drinks on them. Buy the 'kick your stoves into high gear' (8000) and 'flo throws dirty plates into the sink' (6600) upgrade. Also get the 'high-powered spigots' (5000), 'serve coffee to stimulate your customers' moods' (5200) and 'flo can place any food on the food holder' upgrade (4300).

Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills – Spooky Shack Venue Part 2

Level 25

Keep grandma and the spigots running after every take. Hit up the music box frequently and keep chaining. After the level, get the 'food almost never burns' (14000) and 'a dash of chili sauce' upgrade (3900).

Level 26

Get the stoves, spigots and gradma's prep table busy even before seating the customers. Oftentimes it is a good

One Plus

idea to clear all customers at once and reseat the next batch.

Level 27

Follow the same strategy as before; keep all the items busy. This level is definitely faster than others so you have to work very hard. The only way to pass is to get as many customers in as humanly possible before the restaurant closes. Remember to chain the money and plates. Keep the waiting line happy with music. After this, buy 'boost grandma's speed' (5700) and as many aesthetic upgrades as you can afford.

Level 28 & 29

Follow the same strategy as before. The decor upgrades will help you.


Level 30

Again, keep all equipment (stove, grandma's table, drinks, music box) running. Make sure to chain collect the money and chain-clear the plates. Well, that is it for Cooking Dash 3 Expert Guide to the Spooky Shack. Until next time!