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Cooking Academy Review

by: Marie ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Want to be a great chef and don't know how? Why not try out the game, Cooking Academy and see if you've got what it takes to be a master chef? Check out this review and see for yourself whether you're cut out to be a chef or not.

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    Are you ready to become the best cook there is out there? Check out the Cooking Academy game developed by Fugazo Inc. and take all the lessons you need to take to become the top graduate of Cooking Academy. Following various recipes - can you make the cut and become the best there?

    Think about it this way, for 20 dollars, you get a cool game and a bunch of recipes you can actually use!

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    I've never been a sounds person for action type sim games because they seem to be repetitive, boring and really feel like someone dragging their nails across the board. ugh. Get thee behind me music and let me drown you out with the sounds of my playlist wafting through the air instead.

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    This is one of those games whether I'm not sure whether I hate or love its graphics. To be sure its different, and the way the animation is done is well made, deserving of a thumbs up. However, there will be certain areas of the game where it just seems to drawn out. In its attempt to be more real, it had never looked more fake than if it just stayed fake in the first place.

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    Here's where the balances tips and rockets in favor of a green thumbs-up image instead of the down - the gameplay. The gameplay is just absolutely marvelous! You can actually feel like a culinary student while playing this game - it teaches you how to slice, dice, boil, and bake various items in order to create your dishes. Start out from the bottom, creating appetizers and breakfasts before ending up preparing a full dinner course. Remember that at the end of every genre of food, an exam will be given to you and you don't just need to pass it - you need to ace it to be the best.

    Take note also of the fact that the dishes you're preparing in this imaginary simulation game can actually be prepared in real life. Don't trust me? Its actually a feature of the game, you get to unlock recipes to play with. So what are you waiting for? I suggest you grab your own copy of this game now.