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In Cooking Academy 2, there are 8 restaurants - each with a multitude of dishes that you need to make. Each dish will require at least a minimum of 4 steps each. Following that, you will be given exams that you need to pass in order for you to move on to the next restaurant.

What we’ll be doing in this guide will be a quick break down of each restaurant, with the dishes and the steps. So what we’ll do here is show you the procedures per dish and cuisine in order to get a feel for each dish. Follow the instructions and you’re well on your way to winning the competition.

Complete each step within the time limit and you’ll get a bonus grade. If you feel like you’ve missed a step somehow, then you can always retry. However for exams, you can’t repeat a step if you want to retry. You can however, repeat the whole exam over.

Now with the instructions all set, let’s move on to the dishes!


Chinese Cuisine

Let’s start with Beijing!

Lettuce Wraps - The steps will involve raiding the fridge, dicing garlic, peanuts, green onion and shitake mushrooms, grating ginger, cracking eggs, juicing the lime, adding the ingredients, frying the lettuce wrap, tearing the lettuce and folding the lettuce wraps.

Fortune Cookie - Let’s first mix the batter, pour it into the pan, and then we can bake the cookies

Sweet and Sour Chicken - Raid the fridge for the ingredients, slice the bell pepper, peel tand dice the carrots, learn how to double coat and juice the lemon before cooking the sauce. Afterwards we fry the chicken and finally cook sweet and sour chicken!

Egg Tarts - Add the three ingredients, knead and roll the dough before cutting the shapes out and folding the egg tarts. Then move on to cracking the eggs and pouring the egg tarts before baking them!

Kung Pao Chicken - To make Kung Pao Chicken you have to dice the green onion and the garlic, add the ingredients before double coating them. Then fry the chicken while you grate the ginger before finally cooking Kung Pao Chicken!

BBQ Pork Buns - Prepare the pork by slicing, dicing and folding them. Remember to add the ingredients before baking the Pork Buns and you’re all set!

Crab Rangoon - To make Crab Rangoon, remember to dice the green onion and the garlic before adding the ingredients. Then you have to fold it right before you fry!

Italian Cuisine

Head off to Italy where under the tutelage of a great master you will learn these recipes!

Pesto Chicken - Raid the fridge for your ingredients and get to grating that parmesan. Remember to food process the pesto just right. Fill your pot with water and boil the paste before straining it. Afterwards, grill your chicken and chop it in just the right measurements!

Cannelloni - Start with cracking an egg before you knead and roll the dough. Dice up those onions, grate that parmesan and slice the prosciutto well before you cook the Cannelloni. Add the final ingredients, fold the Cannelloni well and then set the right temperature to bake it!

Risotto Al Flori - Before cooking your Risotto, remember to dice the onion and the zucchini blossom well and grate that parmesan finely!

Tiramisu - To make a great Tiramisu, separate the yolk completely, stir steam and pour the zabiaone while dipping savoiardi before grating the chocolate and covering the tiramusi with it!

Tortellini - Crack an egg and add the ingredients. Then you have to knead and roll the dough. Slice the pasta and prosciutto. Finally roll the tortellini before boiling it!

Egglant Parmesan - Start off by cracking an egg, slicing the eggplant and then double coating. Fry it well before grating the mozarella, finally layer it well and then bake!

Calzone - Calzones are best made when you start with raiding the fridge and adding the ingredients. Follow that by kneading and rolling the dough. Slice the green bellpeppers and grate the mozarella before adding more ingredients. Finally, before baking the calzone, remember to fold them well!

American Cuisine

Teriyaki Burger - Before catching the food to make your burger, first slice the cheddar, grate the ginger, dice the onion, tear the lettuce, and crack some eggs. Add them all together and then knead the ground beef before grilling it.

Crab Cakes - Mash a bunch of crackers to start, crack eggs for your cake and knead them before you fry it.

Jambalaya- Jambalaya’s are easy to cook, just raid your fridge, dice the sausages, tomatoes and green onions, peel the shrimp, slice the green bellpepper and chop the celery.

Hot Dog - Hot dogs are easy to make, raid the fridge then slice your buns and cheddar. Then you just have to grill the hot dogs before catching the food.

Cream Doughnut - To make donuts, mix the batter, roll and cut out the dough shapes and fry the doughnuts. Then you have to stir the cream and fill them up.

Corn on the Cob - Just husk, wash, grill and butter the corn!

Bananas Foster - Peel and slice your bananas before cooking it. Remember to spread the butter on the pan first before plating.

BLTA - Slice the bread avocado and tomato and tear the lettuce to pieces. Then grill your bacon, bake your toast and catch the food to make BLTA!

Indian Cuisine

Saag Paneer - Cooking a Saag Paneer means you must raid the fridge and dice some spinach garlic and tomato. Then slice some broccoli and paneer. Boil, and subject the saag to the food processor before finally cooking it!

Poppadom - Don’t forget to add the ingredients before kneading the poppadom dough and cut out the shapes before frying them!

Tandoori Chicken - Bake the masala first before grinding the food. Dice the garlic and grate the ginger before adding the ingredients. Also, slice the chicken and marinate it before grilling the chicken!

Kheer - Kheer is easy! Just add the rice, wash it then cook the kheer!

Naan - Naan? Naan! Add the ingredients you need, knead the Naan, scoop, fold and bake it!

Mango Chutney - Peel and slice the mango then dice the garlic while grating the ginger before cooking your mango chutney

Butter Chicken - Raid the fridge if you want to make buttered chicken and add the ingredients together. Marinate the meat before chopping and baking the chicken. Follow that up by cooking your buttered chicken!

Samosas - Samosas are creating by first peeling and boiling potatoes. Then you dice the onion, chop a cilantro and juice a lemon. Add all these ingredients together before folding and deep frying your samosas.

Thai Cuisine

Green Curry - To make green curry, you need to raid your fridge and dice some lemongrass, and onion. Also, slice up some jalapeno peppers and bell peppers. Grind the food and subject the green curry to the food processor before cooking your green curry!

Avocado Egg Rolls - Crank up the food processor and process the tamarind sauce, dice the tomato and onion and slice the avocado. Afterwards, its all a matter of folding, deep frying and slicing the egg rolls!

Chicken Pad Thai- Add the ingredients you need and fill it with water, dice the garlic and crack the egg. After cracking, fry the egg before cooking the Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Satay - Get ready to juice the lime before adding the marinate. Grill your satay and finally slice your cucumber!

Yellow Fried Rice with Shrimp - So begin this recipe with adding the rice and washing it before steaming the rice. Dice the garlic and green onion and crack your eggs. Add all your ingredients together and finally fry your rice!

Fried Banana - Just peel, fold and fry the fried bananas!

Mango Sticky Rice - Peel and slice your mango before moving on to the rice. Add it, wash it and steam it before cooking the mango sauce.

Thai Chicken Pizza - Begin by adding all your ingredients, then kneading and rolling the dough. Add more ingredients before grilling and chopping the chicken. Grate the mozarella and peel and grate the carrots. Slice the bell peppers after and dice the cilantro before spreading the sauce. Finally make and baking your Thai Chicken Pizza.


Mexican Cuisine

Chimichanga - Grate the monterey then dice the tomato and jalapeno peppers. Take the chicken - grill and chop it.. All that’s left now is to fold and fry the chimichanga.

Churro - Start cracking the egg before you cook the churro dough. Careful when you pipe the churro dough. Then fry and roll the churro exquisitely!

Carne Asada - After raiding the fridge, dice the garlic and the jalapeno pepper before chopping the cilantro. To marinate the meat, you must first juice the lemon, afterwards start grilling the carne asada.

Fried Ice Cream - Scoop, roll and fry the ice cream. Then slice the strawberry before plating it.

Jalapeno Poppers - Slice the jalapeno peppers, before squeezing the cheese. Crack the egg and then do the double coat. Afterwards deep fry the jalapeno peppers.

Flan - Seperate the yolk first before cracking more eggs. Cook the custard and then pour the flan. Finish up by baking and plating the flan.

Tamale - Raid the fridge then mix the tamale dough. Grill peel and dice the poblano.Take a potato then peel and slice it. Finally dice the jalapeno peppers, garlic and onions. Then add, fold and steam the tamale to finish.

Chicken Caesar Salad - You must first raid the fridge and start juicing the lemon. Seperate the yolk before adding the ingredients.Then grill and chop the chicken before dicing the tomato. Finally grate the parmesan and end it all by tossing the salad!

Japanese Cuisine

Nigiri - Make sushi by adding, washing and steaming the rice. Then slice salmon and tuna to make nigiri sushi. Top it off by grating tangy wasabi

Tempura - Begin by peeling the shrimp, followed by slicing the eggplant. Crack the egg and stir the tempura batter. Fry the eggplant tempura and the shrimp tempura before cooking the tempura dipping sauce.

Tonjiru - Start by peeling and slicing a potato then grating ginger. Afterwards, you peel and dice a carrot and then a negi. Slice a bunch of konnyaku before cooking your tonjiru.

California Rolls - Slice cucumber and avocado to make rolls and prepare your rice by adding, washing steaming and spreading it.Finalize by folding and slicing the california rolls and top it all off by grating wasabi.

Chicken Katsu - Chicken Katsu is made by slicing bread into chunks and grating the parmesan. Chop the cilantro and use process the panko. Then bake the breadcrumbs, double coat it before frying the chicken.

Mochi Ice Cream - Mochi Ice Cream is easy, just scoop the ice cream and cook the mochi. Then scoop fold and roll the mochi ice cream to perfection.

Tamago Nigiri - Begin by adding, washing and steaming the rice. Followed by cracking eggs. Finish it up by making and slicing your tamagao nigiri.

French Cuisine

Cream Puffs - Crack eggs and begin cooking the pastry dough. Then squeeze cream puffs before baking them. Cook the pastry cream and finally fill the food.

Coq Au Vin - First raid your fridge and start dicing shitake mushrooms, garlics, tomatoes and onions. Follow that with grated ginger and peeled carrot. Grill the bacon well before baking the Coq Au Vin

Apple Tart - Start peeling and slicing the apple. Add ingredients before kneading and folding the dough. Then bake the apple tart and finish it by spreading apricot glaze.

Souffle - Souffle is created by grating swiss. Afterwards, begin cooking and spreading the souffle. Slice the bellpeppers then begin frying them. Finish everything by baking and rolling the souffle.

Tomato Spanish Crepes - Crepes are yummiest with the best ingredients. Raid the fridge and crack the eggs, then using the ingredients, add them all up. Stir the crepes, dice the tomato and grate the cheese to make crepes.

Croque Monsieur - Slice the bread and spread the mustard to begin. Then grate the gruyere and slice the cheese. Peel and slice the apple to finish. Then catch the food to set it to bake.

Chocolate Eclair - Start cracking the eggs and cooking the pastry dough. Then pipe the eclair dough before baking it. Stir the cream and fill the food. Finish by chopping cooking and spreading the choco glaze over the eclair.