Cooking Mama for iPhone: Will You be a Master Chef or Burn it All?

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We all know that the Lite versions of iPhone apps are stripped down versions of the full applications. They are supposed to be a way for players to get the taste of the full applications. Nowhere does the idea of getting a taste make more sense then in a Cooking Mama game. The question is will the taste be enough to make you want to buy more? Or, will it leave you wishing that you had never put it in your mouth?

The Premise

For any of you not familiar with the Cooking Mama series, you take on the role of a virtual chef. Your goal is to chop, slice, bake, fry and stir your way to culinary perfection.

The Controls (5 out of 5)

Cooking Mama Lite makes use of both the touch screen and the accelerometer. The touch screen is used for activities like chopping. The accelerometer is used for activities like frying. Controls are nicely varied and marked at the beginning of each section.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

The graphics in the game are bright and cute. The distinctly anime style cartoon “mama” has a variety of faces. If you do well her eyes will shine with pride. If you score poorly then her eyes will burn with fire.

Sound (4 out of 5)

Cooking Mama Lite has interesting sound effects. You will hear chopping or frying sounds. Music and voices are used sparingly, which is a good thing. Too many layers of sound would be a distraction in this game.

Limitations of The Lite Version

The lite version of Cooking Mama is very limited. You will only have one recipe to play. No matter how well you do on that first recipe no more will unlock. The recipe has about 6 tasks and takes less then 5 minutes to complete. All in all this gives you very little to judge the full version of the game.


Cooking Mama Lite is a free iPhone game. There is a full version available with more recipes should you desire it.

Cooking Mama Lite is too small of a morsel to allow most players the information needed to make an informed decision. The only possible market for this game are existing fans of the Cooking Mama series. If all you need is a look at the controls this may be a good app for you.