Cooking Mama 3 Lends a Hand in the Kitchen On The Nintendo DS - Check Out These Great Little Cooking Games To Wet Your Chops

Cooking Mama 3 Lends a Hand in the Kitchen On The Nintendo DS - Check Out These Great Little Cooking Games To Wet Your Chops
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Get Your Cook On with Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama 3 doesn’t give you an easy out on the Nintendo DS. It’s up to you to take care of getting the food that you’ll be mixing and dicing and cooking into delicious delights. Or not - in which case not even your friends will give you a break. Mama is there to help - but she expects you to do the work. So get ready, because it’s time to show what your cooking skills are made of in these great little cooking games that are whipped up for you here.

Playing with Mama


Cooking Mama 3 comes with six gameplay modes for the Nintendo DS that add to the series that has already gained popularity worldwide. Did you think all you had to do was pick up the stylus and do a little chopping and dicing? You’ll need to go to the store to get the ingredients for the 80 new recipes or take the blinders off and combine ingredients to create your own dish of delight. Or dreck if you have no idea what you’re doing. Keeping a picture diary of your accomplishments might not be such a good idea after all…

You can play against up to three friends who also have the game using the WiFi for your Nintendo DS - they won’t be close enough to look over their shoulder and you’ll be too busy trying to finish first in the timed cooking challenges in Cooking Mama 3.

But at the end of the day it’s just you and Mama doing the cooking together. Until she gives you a shove and has you set off to do it on your own. Worse yet - your hard to satisfy friends will be rating how well those meals are. Which means they better taste good. Don’t get rattled because messing up the cooking will guarantee that the only applause you’ll be getting is when you’ve said you’re quitting the kitchen.

Fun with Mama

More Cooking

What makes Cooking Mama 3 so much fun goes beyond the cute and colorful graphics - it’s how the game is presented. The Nintendo DS is perfect because the touch screen access means that the work needed to be done in the kitchen can be handled with finess and detail, as opposed to just pressing buttons and hoping for the best. This provides a great way for you to enjoy Cooking Mama 3’s different modes, fun graphics, and even those small nuggets of praise from Mama.

Praise from Mama


There aren’t many games that provide insight into things that you can use in the real world - driving at 200 miles an hour and killing Zombies doesn’t' really show up on many resumes. But the information hidden as “entertainment” in Cooking Mama 3 can be of aid in real life - especially among those whose cooking abilities start and end with boiling water. And for sure I can sympathise with going shopping and encountering problematic situations - at least here you have ways to resolve what got messed up. Wish the real world had that! And as many mini-games as Mama has for keeping me from being bored.

So go ahead and play with your food - it won’t cause a mess ‘cause you can just turn the Nintendo DS off when you’re done. But don’t think Mama won’t remember what you did the next time you turn the game on! Of course, neither will any of the Cooking Mama characters either!



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