Cooking Dash Online PC Game – Review of Cooking Dash by Play First Games

Flo Strikes Again! (5 out of 5)

For those who followed the "Diner Dash" saga on Yahoo! Games or other sites around the web, Flo is back with a vengeance in the next part of her story – Cooking Dash.

In this next game, Flo’s cook, Cookie, is lured into a new cooking show, so Flo and Granny have to hold down the fort until they can hire a new chef. But, alas, as soon as the new chef arrives, Flo and Granny are called to a friend’s cafe while she fills in on Cookie’s new show. While the storyline might not sound like much to those who have never played the first versions of Diner Dash, the game itself is really fun to play – not to mention downright hard toward the end. Here is my game review of Cooking Dash from Play First games.

Game Basics

You control Flo as she races around the different diners in the game, preparing food and serving customers. In the story mode, you have to take Flo through several different diners to make it to the end and win the game. But, your job as Flo is not an easy one.. while Granny makes the sandwiches and hamburgers in the first diner, Flo has to make everything else, serve the customers, take them their checks, and clear off the counters.

The first set of diner challenges in Flo’s diner are set at a decent pace, and those who have fast fingers should easily be able to make an "expert" rating on each one. Then, when you move into the next diner, Granny makes the salads and spaghetti, while Flo makes 12 different things, and still continues to do everything else. The customers get grumpier here in the second diner and you will find that no matter how hard you work, you will still lose one every now and then. There is no shortage of fast food action here, and I know that there were some levels I had to play several times before I could pass them – even without the "expert" status!

There is also an endless play mode, where you are still Flo, but everything is unlocked in the diner that you choose. The diner never closes (like it does each day in the story mode) and you are constantly on the go here. You can watch the upgrade button and upgrade to extra items, such as a speed boost for Flo or Granny or extra items for the diner to help you cook faster or hold more customers. Either mode will put you and your mouse to the test to see just how fast you can get when it comes to serving your customers and treating them right.


Ok, I have to admit, these graphics are so much better than the original Diner Dash. Now, the people still have huge heads, and they all have wonderfully cartoon-colored outfits, but hey, it’s a game. Everything is detailed well, and you can tell what everything is without lines running into one another or other problems that sometimes go hand-in-hand with online pc games that get into the smaller details – especially on the spaghetti and salads. I’m surprised at the high quality of the graphics with Cooking Dash, which only makes it more fun to play, especially when one of the customers gets mad at you and starts blowing smoke out of their ears.

Final Score

Overall, I am going to give Cooking Dash a 5 out of 5. It is a great game to play, either as the free trial download or as the purchased version. I actually already bought the game and I am glad I did.