Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World - Goku Basic Moves Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World - Goku Basic Moves Guide
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Basic Moves

There are some basic moves that you need to know in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World before you start playing too far into the game. Here are the basic moves and techniques that you’ll need to know:

Ki: to charge your Ki, simply press L1 and hold. While this is not an instant recharge, it will help get some back pretty quickly if you are in a pinch.

Throw: this move is used to punch, guard, or use the ki + your guard. Basically, this is just the normal throwing move that your toon has already, the main difference is that the Ki throw will go further. (But, it also leaves you more vunerable to attacks after you use it.)

Aura Dash: you use R1 for this massive burst of speed. You can move around freely with this move, but you can’t go up or down with it. This is a great way to get some space between you and an opponent if you need a bit of time. Or, you can use it to get behind them for a sneak attack.

Blow Back/Heavy Slam: this attack you’ll use your punch and kick at the same time or R2, whichever you prefer. Now, Blow Back will undo one attack that your opponent sends your way, even if they are still doing the attack. If you do a Blow Back while you are in an Aura Dash, you can turn the attack into a Heavy Slam, which can do some great damage and stun your opponent.

Advanced Moves

Here are some of the other advanced moves that you’ll want to master as well so that you can defeat mosses and other enemies.

Aura Guard: you need to hit guard and L1 at the same time for this one. Basically, this is the best guard that you can use because it will block any, and all, attacks (except for throws) but it will seriously deplete your Ki. So, you need to make sure that you watch using this one carefully, as you can wind up with no Ki left at all.

Ki Burn: you’ll just hit L2 for this one. Your Ki will drain at a fixed rate during a fight, but there are some moves that will deplete it faster, and Ki Burn is one of them. The reason that you will want to use this one is for Teleport Counters and Pursuing Teleports that enemies will try to use to get away or get the upper hand on you. If this is used against you, simply use your Aura Dash and you’ll be able to beat it.

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

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