Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Basic Strategies Ki & Fatigue

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Basic Strategies Ki & Fatigue
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General Strategies

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is a super hard game if you have never watched the show, or have never played any of the other games. And, even then, it is still just a super hard game overall. But, hey, I’m on your side here! So, here are some of the basic strategies that I have learned to help you out before you get too frustrated with this console title.

Ki Management

This is one area where you always need to be on your guard. Every move, every attack, everything in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World costs Ki, which means that if you mismanage it - it will cost you the battle. So, you want to make sure that you keep at least 3 Ki bars at all times so that you never find yourself in a position where you can’t get out of a battle or move fast if needed. With these 3+ bars, you’ll easily be able to teleport or use a teleport counter when you need to, and you can also use all the great moves that require a lot of Ki. But, keeping track of your Ki isn’t hard, in fact, it’s pretty easy to keep more than 3 Ki bars all the time, unless it’s an emergency.


Just like in real life, your toon will get tired. The more you fight, the more fatigued you’ll get. The small half circle under your toon’s picture is the fatigue bar that you will need to keep an eye on while you are in battle. Now, this bar doesn’t go down, it actually goes up the more fatigued that you are, so remember that the higher the bar, the worse you are. Your fatigue will raise when you get hit, when you fight too long, teleport too much, and more. What’s even worse is that it will take forever for it to go back down again, since it decreases at a super slow pace. So, by simply keeping track of this bar and pacing your moves and damage taken, you can easily manage your toon’s fatigue so that you aren’t worried about it.

Real Time Ultimates

These are massive moves that bosses and other opponents will use against you in story mode. Now, while some people make them out to be just devastating, they really aren’t - and they are all blockable, if you know what you are doing. They are a bit scary when you first see them, so we’ll go through them with the main bosses so you will see what you are in for and how to counter them.

Broly’s Gigantic Slam

This is the first, and easiest, real time ultimate that you’ll come across. Now, this is a close range attack that comes in two parts. The good news is that the second part of the attack will miss if the first doesn’t land right. So, all you need to do is simply use your Aura Guard or Dash Away so that you aren’t caught by this one. But, even if you are, this is not such a major one that it will end the game for you.

Cooler’s Rapid Ki Barrage

This real time ultimate is a very high damage hit that will also knock your fatigue way up. It’s also pretty hard to dodge since there is just a monstrous number of blasts with this attack. But, you can easily get around these by using your Teleport Counter. As long as you have your 3+ Ki bars at all times, this real time ultimate should never be a problem.

Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon

This one doesn’t hit quite as hard as Cooler’s Rapid Ki Barrage, but can still do some good damage and up your fatigue. It is also the fastest Ki blast in the game and will deplete your Ki faster than anything. Just because this is one of the best Ki blasts in the game doesn’t mean that this one guy can easily do you in with hard moves. Actually, other than this one, he has nothing up his sleeve. So, as long as you stay out of range of this attack (it’s a close range one), you are ok. Don’t worry too much about this guy.

Teen Gohan’s Super Kamehameha

Long name, serious damage, and a massive amount of other bad stuff all rolled into one here. This attack will do major damage to you, give you 100% fatigue instantly, and it’s super fast when he throws it at you. This is the main real time ultimate attack that you want to watch out for because it is so powerful and will do just about anyone in if you aren’t careful. Now, this guy has some super combo moves to top it off, which makes him a terrible opponent to fight. The easiest thing to do to avoid this attack is to be on your toes and dodge it. There is no guard or defense that will hold up against this. You can use Aura Dash to dodge it, so make sure that you’re paying attention so you can.


Overall, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is a super hard game. If you aren’t an experienced player or you aren’t familiar with Dragon Ball Z at all, pass this one by. But, if you are just dying to play it, then these strategies should get you through ok.