Empires and Allies – Conquer Foes with Power Ups

Conquer Your Foes – With Power!

Empires and Allies

Power ups are a powerful tool than can be used during combat to assist in a variety of situations. We will cover how to gain these abilities and their many uses. These skills can turn a losing battle in to a victorious one. Repel those invading forces, that once seemed impossible, with ease through the use of heals, missile attacks, increased defense, and more.

These special moves can be used by clicking the big green button at the bottom of the screen. Stronger versions will become available as your level, Infamy, and Honor increase. These include entirely new skills and stronger versions of pre-existing ones.

Honor Power Ups

Honor Power Ups

Honor Points can be gained by visiting your neighbors island and assisting them with various things. Points will be given by assisting with construction, farming, collecting rent. Anything you can click on their island to help them out will award honor. Once the bar with the red heart on the left is full you will be given a random Honor Power Up. These skills are more defensive than their Infamy counter.

Honor Abilities:

Field Repairs – Repairs friendly units in combat.

Hunker Down – Friendly units take less damage from attacks.

Target Jammer – Disrupts enemy targeting systems, reducing their unit's accuracy.

Accuracy – Increase your unit's chance to hit the enemy.

Evasion – Decreases the likelihood of being hit by the enemy.

Infamy Power Ups

Infamy Power Ups

Infamy Points can be gained by invading your neighbor's island. To have a successful invasion, you must first destroy any defending units in that area. Once the defensive units of disposed of you can collect your initial Infamy Points in the form of black hearts that pop up as the image shows. You may come back periodically to collect Infamy, as well as coin and more, as long as your troops have not been expelled. Infamy Points are mainly used for offense, while Honor grant more defensive skills.

Infamy Abilities:

Explosive Ammo – Increase the damage done by a successful attack.

Air Strike – Call in three low level bombers to bomb one target. Bonus versus Army units.

Poison Gas – Unleashes poison gas on enemies, damaging them over time.

EMP – Prevents the targeted enemy from attacking.

Tactical Nuke – Destroys all enemy units on the field, in the skies, or in the water.

Deciding Which Power to Use

Choosing the correct power is critical to victory. You may be tempted to use them often due to how powerful they are. These abilities are not something you will be using in every battle due to their cost and the time invested in obtaining them. Based on their descriptions, you will know when to use a few of them. Others will be used to save your troops or fleet from a losing battle.

When facing an opponent with stronger troops I would advise using more offensive abilities. The games AI tends to focus on one or two of your units. This gives you a chance to strengthen your strongest unit in play and wreak havoc, quickly dispatching their forces one by one. In this scenario, Explosive Ammo would be very useful. If you really want to prove a point, decimate them with the Tactical Nuke ability.

If you find yourself nearly evenly matched you may decide between a defensive or offensive ability. Poison Gas will slowly harm their forces, allowing you to deal damage to all their units on the field. This ability is great when you find yourself in battles with four or more enemy units. You can choose Hunker Down instead. This may cause the battle to take longer, but you will end up losing less units in the end.

When your opponent has a really powerful unit in play, this is the time to take advantage of the Target Jammer, Air Strike, or EMP abilities. Reducing the amount of damage this unit does will both save some of your troops from certain death and allow you ample time to slowly tear the behemoth down. Evasion is another great ability to use here. Taking zero damage is always better than taking slightly less damage.

Field Repairs is best used when multiple units have taken significant damage. This is an excellent power up to use to counter Poison Gas. It is also good to use when the enemy has a lot of high health units, or if you are low on troops and do not wish to spend the time or resources in creating more.

Purchasing Powers

Purchasing Power Ups

Powers are not only attainable through Honor or Infamy Points. They may also be purchased for Empire Points under the Build section. You only start off with a few Empire Points, from then on they will cost money. If you enjoy the game and have some extra cash, help support the developers and show your appreciation by buying a few Empire Points. This will allow you to purchase powerful abilities from the menu shown on the right.


  • All images taken from Empires & Allies on Facebook
  • Source: Author’s own experience