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Facebook Games: Zombie Mosh

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Zombie Mosh is a Facebook farming style game where you turn humans into zombies. You can most with Zombies to get coins and experience. The game features a band that plays music.

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    Zombie Mosh Basics

    Zombie Mosh Zombie Mosh offers a new take on farming. In the game, you’re at a zombie party that is interrupted by humans. To remove the humans you can buy graves and pick them up to place a human in the grave. Once humans are ready, you can harvest them and they turn into zombies. You can them “mosh" with the zombies and get coins from them. Zombies have a number of moshes available until you must create more zombies from the humans at your party. Energy is used to mosh with zombies and will replenish slowly over time. Different graves are available in the game store that offer different harvest times for your zombies. Keep your zombie party clean by removing the junk around the stage for additional coins and experience.

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    Zombie Mosh Zombie Mosh is a nice concept but the amount of decorative options you can use for your party are limiting. You do get a band that plays but that is about it. You’ll find a few floor items, wall decorations, spotlights for your stage. Many of the items aren’t available until you are at a higher level which is disappointing. Overall the selection is very limiting which makes game play nothing more than a harvesting game which gets old very quickly. More decorating options would improve the game but as it stands now the lack of options makes it feel like an incomplete game. Some new music, more stage decorations, and more options for your party club would bring this title to life. The amount of room in your club is also very limited although expansions are said to be coming soon.

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    Overall Game Play and Conclusion

    Zombie Mosh is nothing more than a mediocre farming game dressed up in a zombie skin. Yu spend all your time digging graves and harvesting zombies or cleaning up garbage piles. The lack of decorative options to give your game a personal touch is a real letdown and drags down the concept of this game. With more options you would have more to do. Take for example Farmville with all its options for decorating and building things. Zombie Mosh attempts to capitalize on a game such as that but fails in the attempt. Then game doesn’t even offer an expansion for your zombie party in the current version. At the core, it’s still a farming game and you’ll be frustrated as you run out of energy on a consistent basis leaving you unable to perform tasks. The music is decent with a good rock vibe but it can’t save the game play. The graphics are decent but not a standout; the zombies all have various looks. Zombie Mosh is an incomplete game that lacks the options and game play to keep people interested much beyond the zombie theme of the game. With more options and added game play, you’d have a complete title. In its current form, Zombie Mosh isn’t recommended.