Galactic Trader Review: The Galactic Trading game on Facebook

Galactic Trader Review:  The Galactic Trading game on Facebook
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Galactic Trader Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Galactic Trader is a Facebook game where you are a space trader. In the game, you visit various planets and use your spaceship to mine for various resources. You can then take those resources to a market and sell them for cash. Market prices in the game will fluctuate so you may not always get the best price for your goods. Use your cash to buy new ships for mining as well as ships for combat. The game features quests you can do for rewards to learn about the game. Mining for resources also takes energy to complete but you can get more energy by using “power cells” that you’ll loot as you mine or you can buy them.

Game Economy (4 out of 5)

Galactic Trader

The economy of Galactic Trader allows you to mine for various resources. These resources are in a grid on different planets and you must uncover the squares to find resources. The economic side of the game is a bit like treasure hunting in popular Facebook games such as Treasure Isle. During your search for treasure, you’ll also gain experience for uncovering the tiles. Energy is consumed during each mining operation but power cells can help you mine for longer periods. New ships with larger holds will allow for extended mining operations once your cargo hold is full; the mined can be sold in the trader section of the game. The storage facility holds extra resources and you can sell these whenever you need to.

Space Craft (4 out of 5)

Galactic Trader has various spaceships you can use. In the shipyard, both combat and cargo ships are available. Cargo ships have the holds you need for mining while the combat ships provide extra firepower when you need to clear planets of enemies for mining operations. Boosts are added to ships so you might have a ship with added firepower or a better shield. Boosts expire and you’ll need to replace them or buy more charges. Damaged ships can be repaired after combat, which uses up some of your energy points. As you move to planets you may be ambushed by enemies, so be sure to have extra combat aircraft.

Overall Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Galactic Trader is a nice looking Facebook game that’s fun to play. If you like treasure style games or just want to build spaceships this game is for you. There’s a nice mix of ships already in the game and the quests are good. The combat is simple but it’s animated that is a change from many Facebook games that offer combat with only text based graphics. The ability to use boosts for your ships can give you an advantage during combat and there’s already quite a few in the game. There’s already several star systems in the game to explore. Galactic Trader is a new Facebook game that is worth playing and keeping an eye on.