Buddy Rush Facebook Game Review

Buddy Rush Facebook Game Review
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Entering the Plains of Wodeam

Buddy Rush is a 3D action RPG on Facebook where players become miniature heroes in a virtual world plagued by pesky creatures. In this magical land boulder tossing Oblins and caterpillars with major attitude problems have taken over the prominent plains of Wodeam. Users choose their signature hero to step up to the plate and save the kingdom in peril. The three core classes consist of the Worrier a warrior, Mr. Boorseye an archer, and the Wizz a notorious wizard. Additional characters like Aikilu, Botherella, Vivich, Nagne, Vampino, Flow, Skully, Toxy, and Betty Junior can be unlocked as players advance. Each hero has their own set of skills and weaponry to use. Complete challenging missions with friends. Kill wacky monsters while traveling through different territories. Hunt for buried treasure in Egypt. Rescue pals in danger and stop the relentless Oblins from tormenting innocent villagers.

Slaying Oblins, the Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Oblin Attack

Most of the gameplay consists of rushing or completing missions with friends. Players start out in their home town where several NPCs are stationed and they can organize their party or purchase equipment. Although it’s possible to adventure alone friends’ heroes are necessary in order to successfully accomplish difficult quests. Once the party is selected clicking on the sarcastic guard at the main gate will prompt available missions. Each task has to be repeated multiple times and mastered for additional XP. As players level up new missions are unlocked. Despite the lack of depth in the storyline quests are divided into book chapters taking heroes into different environments to battle and explore. Fight off Oblins to save a kidnapped friend, search the desert of Tresed for a secret oasis slaying killer cactuses along the way, or collect scorpion tails while being timed to cure a buddy that’s been poisoned before he meets his maker.

Finding Missing Keys

Some of the missions are quite funny. There’s even one where a partner is in the crapper in the middle of nowhere and the sneaky Mumblins stole his toilet tissue. Players have wrestle with their foes to retrieve the rolls of tissue back. The mixture of quirky humor and action is fun. During combat defeated enemies usually drop items, potions, or chests of filled with experience. Heroes have to clear stages over again until it’s mastered. Repeating these missions feels like excessive grinding at times. The only difference is the higher curve set each round. Sometimes more Oblins attack, hiding places are switched, or watch clocks are sped up. Players will definitely notice the changes. It keeps the gameplay interesting. At anytime players can also go fishing in the local pond. The fishing mini-game is relatively simple and let’s players compete with their Facebook Friends for the highest score. The treasure hunting feature doesn’t become available until players reach level 65. It functions similar to the missions involving combat to acquire entrance or possession of hidden objects.

User Interface/ Controls (5 out of 5)

Anuvis Battle

The user interface and controls are similar to traditional RPGs and easy to pick up. Players simply point and click their mouse in the direction they want their hero to go. At the bottom of the screen learned skills and the inventory bag is accessible. Clicking on the inventory bag will display three item slots on the side of the screen for magical potions that can be used in battle. The combat is automatic once a target has been clicked. Heroes have the option of pressing the designated keys or hitting directly on the skill icon to perform cool moves. There are literally no glitches.

Explosive Graphics (5 out of 5)

Costume Change

The colorful 3D graphics is incredible. It really makes this game stand out from the rest of the social titles on Facebook. Players are transported into another world with lush vegetation, flower fields, rivers, barren deserts, and dangerous inhabitants lurking around every corner. Depending on the chapter heroes foes will change. Fight off Oblins in Egyptian attire armed with bow and arrows or tattered clothes as mindless zombies. Go trekking in the frozen mountains of snowy Loocos or the spooky graveyard of Bootomb. The special effects are great. Stars circle around characters’ heads when they’ve been hit hard and poisoned heroes turn green. Magic spells project giant purple dust clouds as they overpower opponents. There are also destructible buildings. The animated characters fit nicely with the amusing dialogue. Players can customize their hero and alter their look in the shop. Dress them up in zebra, dark knight, native, sheep, duck, pirate, owl, anime girl, monkey, skeleton demon, or an odd dragon-like creature. All outfits cost about 30 chips or so. Facebook Credits are required to buy chips. It’s not necessary but players who do invest extend their gameplay hours and customization options.

Sound (5 out of 5)

Hugblin Mission

The sound effects are impressive. Oblins have psycho giggles and scream in agony upon defeat. Birds chirping, rings, whistles, and swipes chime on cue. The main theme song has a playful dubstep sound. It’s almost reminiscent of an arcade game. As the combat action increases in intensity the featured track rhythm speeds up duplicating an authentic adrenaline fueled grinding session. Every special move has its own unique sound as well. Loud shattering earthquake noises, swords slashing frantically, arrows soaring from high towers, and fire balls igniting as player’s toss them at unsuspecting foes can be heard as heroes flex their skills. As players go into different chapters the tracks change matching the environment. A funky Arabian beat echoes while heroes are traveling through the desolate Tresed Desert.

Overall Rating: (5 out of 5)


It’s by far one of the best casual action role-playing games online or via mobile. The integrated cross-platform function in this game allows players to rush with their buddies at home and on the go. Master challenging missions while participating in fast paced combat. Go on a daring toilet tissue run. Kill mystical bosses. Fight hordes of vicious monsters from deadly lady bugs to killer cactuses. Travel across strange new lands. Cast spells and learn a few new Kung-Fu moves in the process. Buddy Rush is fun anyway you play it. Fans of dungeon crawler RPGs will find themselves addicted.


Source: Author’s own experience.

All Images by Ange P.