Facebook Game Review: Resort World - Build your resort on Facebook

Facebook Game Review: Resort World - Build your resort on Facebook
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Resort World Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Resort World puts you in control of your own resort island. You have the ability to build housing units for your guests, entertainment facilities, and provide shopping opportunities too. You can decorate your resort with trees, shrubs, and statues. Over time your building will accumulate cash and you can use that cash to build bigger and better structures for your resort. For example you start with simple cabins but by the time you reach the higher levels you can build full hotels for your guests. You may start with a simple hot dog stand for entertainment but by the top levels you will build casinos and waterslides. Some buildings will cost gold piastres the games currency. You can buy more of this gold in the game shop and when you level you will get one free piastre. It is up to you to decide how you want your resort to look and you have the freedom to place your building where you want them to go.

Building Your Resort (4 out of 5)

Resort World

It is simple enough to get your resort up and running. Be sure you have enough power for your structures first by building a couple of wind generators. It will take a few minutes before the generators are ready and then you ca put up some residences for your guests. You start with low level buildings such as cabins but these are cheap and make for a great early start. Once you have picked a location for your cabin you can add roads if you want or remove any tress in the way with the bulldozer tool. You should also think about adding some entertainment too such as a ice cream shop or hot dog stand so your guests have something to do. A gift shop is another early building worth considering or add a few trees and shrubs if you like. Each building will take some time to build or you can speedup the process with some cash. Buildings will produce cash over time that you can collect to purchase other buildings.

General Game Play (3 out of 5)

Resort World is a nice simple game and it loads quickly without any hassles. You can see your visitors moving about on your roads and you have a nice mix of buildings to pick from. You can easily move a building by clicking on it and using the menu or even give it another color too. Buildings can also be upgraded which will increase the profit level for you just click the star on the buildings menu. As you build bigger and better structures more people will begin to visit your resort. You can take an image of your resort, or play the game full screen. Resort World is fun to play but you have basically done the same with other city building style games on Facebook like Social City so don’t expect anything new here.