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Facebook Game Reviews: Legacy Of Rome

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Play a Facebook strategy game that puts you in the ancient Roman era. Build many different buildings starting first with shacks and huts and then eventually full Roman buildings. Complete tasks as you build and earn credits with each building as you attempt to make the best Roman city.

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    Game Basics

    Legacy Of Rome In thisgame your task is to build a great Roman city. This won’t be easy as you have many different buildings to construct along the way as well as water and resources such as stone or wood. You can do the tasks located in the sidebar for some quick resources. The only building you will be able to afford at first are small shacks and huts. These will give you a few coins every few minutes just click on them for your cash. Once you have a few shacks you can save and build more advanced resident structures. Other buildings include traders, stone mines, wood, senate buildings, water, and buildings to increase happiness. The advanced building are all quite costly so these won’t be built right away in the game you need some patience to play this game.

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    Legacy of Rome The easiest way to begin playing the game is to do tasks. These are located on the right sidebar and will help you learn about the game and get you some much need early resources. You will do things such as put down a water reservoir as well as construct a few shacks and build a prefecture building. The coins, resources and experience you receive doing tasks will go a long way to helping you build up your city area.

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    Rings of Power

    Ringsof Power are the games currency aside from regular coins that you can buy. You can use these for example to accelerate the building of structures or to bring residents quickly into your city. You will get a few of these playing the game but the bulk of them you'll purcahse. You can also use these to quickly expand your city area or gold if you have any to spare. Rings can also be used when buying certain advanced buildings. For the moist part in the game you will use coins but the rings can help you advance rapidly if your willing to pay for them.

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    You can decorate your city with boulders, trees, shrubs and ponds. Items that you buy under the happiness tab are decorative in nature too but they also help to increase the overall contentment of your citizens. These happiness buildings are only available after you reach level ten in the game but here you have large fountains, parks, even a theatre.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    The game tends to run better on Firefox and for some reason is very slow using Explorer but your results may vary. The help system isn’t currently working either which is another disappointment. Legacy of Rome can be fun but it’s a very slow moving game in terms of actually building anything. It takes a lot of coins to build even the simplest structures in the gameand might not appeal to everyone out there. The prices on structures needs to be lowered to reasonable levels to keep people playing it. Your Facebook friends can play along with you but currently there aren’t any gifts to send each other so hopefully this will be resolved soon. As it stands right now this game can’t really be recommended but if it improves and works on the game play it will get a thumbs up.