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Facebook Games: Monster World Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Player monster games online with Monster World a Facebook strategy farming game. Players create a farm complete with cute monsters and grow crazy crops like lemonade bushes and monster cactus. Hire your Facebook friends to tend your farm and sell your crops to the robot or in the marketplace.

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    Monster World Game Basics

    Monster World Monster World takes the farming concept and uses cute monsters to do the farming for you. With this monster game online you grow crazy crops such as lemonade bushes or monster cactus plants. The game is like your typical farming game you plant the crops and wait for them to grow before harvesting them. A robot will stop by periodically to buy crops from you or you can sell them in the marketplace. You can also hire your Facebook friends to help tend your crops too but be sure to feed them or they will eat your crops. You can hire friends for up to twenty four hours to work your fields. By adding decorations you can increase the happiness of your monsters working the farm. If your happiness is too low they will strike and you won’t be able to farm all plots in your garden.

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    Growing Crops

    Monster World Monster World gives you a few crops to start out with and as you level up more will become available. Your crops don’t turn into cash right away after you harvest them, they will into your inventory and once you reach the required level you can sell them in the marketplace or to the robot that stops by periodically. You must have crops the robot is looking for to be able to sell them and make money so try to fulfill the right order. In the marketplace you can see the current crops you can plant and once you buy the crops they will be placed into your inventory for use. If you have Facebook credits you can buy magic wands which will grow your crops automatically so you can harvest right away.

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    Decorations and Happiness

    In Monster World you can increase happiness by using decorations around your farm. Happiness will keep your monsters working and without enough of it they will go on strike and not tend to all fields in your game. You have things such as hammocks, shrubs, paths, flowers and themes such as the Asian theme which can increase happiness on your farm. More decorations will become available as you level up in the game. At higher levels you can unlock buildings for your farm and you also have the ability to expand your farm to a larger size with game cash or credits.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Monster World is a decent game but there are better farming games out there. It might be fun for a while but there really isn’t anything new or groundbreaking here. The game is easy to play however and the crops you can harvest are quite unique but beyond that there’s just not enough to do. The cute monster theme will be appealing to childrenand it might be a game that they can play. The game is colorful and there’s a decent amount of decorations to add to your farm. Monster World is only recommended if you are tired of games like Farmville and want something else in the farming theme but be warned you won’t find anything radically different with this game.

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