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Facebook Games: Critter Island Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Critter Island is a Facebook game where you develop your own resort. Not only will people visit your island but you may have different creatures as guests too. Build attractions, provide food and make the best resort going with Critter Island.

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    Critter Island Game Basics

    Critter Island Critter Island is like many of the resort games you can play online and through Facebook. The goal of the game is to make the best resort world possible. You can build different structures on your island such as bars, mini golf courses, slides, pubs and other attractions. Your attractions need to be restocked periodically which will take game coins. New tourists will arrive by boat but you must make sure the boat operator has a paid shift. Tourists will stop coming once the operators shift is over so you’ll need to give him a new shift. You can add different decorations to your island and get it looking the way you want. Tress and benches are some of the typical decorations you can have.

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    General Game Play

    Critter Island Critter Island looks good on the outside but this is one game that can quickly get very frustrating for a gamer. The first severe fault of Critter Island is the abnormal amount of popup windows asking you to get friends to play or do some other task. While windows are to be expected in Facebook games such as this one the amount on this game is just too high. You can literally play for a minute or two and have a pop-up spoil your game. The second flaw of this game is that your attractions spit out experience stars forcing you to click to get the experience. You do far less actual playing and way too much clicking on windows and the stars. Turning the game into a click fest. The game itself is colorful and looks decent for a Facebook game but the game play leaves much to be desired. The cute graphics might be appealing to some people but the clicking won’t be as your screen gets filled with experience and coin text, with just a few buildings present on your island.

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    To keep your attractions running you need to click on them to restock them. This would be a nice addition if it wasn’t for all the additional clicking on stars, and closing the ever persistent window. You can add decorations to your island which will help to keep tourists coming back for more by raising popularity. You’ll find a large amount of varied attractions to add to your island so that is one plus for the game as well as several pages of decorations to choose from. Higher level attractions will naturally make you more money in the game.

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    Critter Island is one of those Facebook games that you will play once or twice and then give up on due to the extremely poor game play. The game could be made much better without the annoying clicking you constantly do in the game. If you leave the game for three minutes and come back you are left with more clicking. The game has some decent attractions and decorations but the overall experience will leave you wanting to run to the boat and paddle away at top speed.