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Facebook Games: Ranch Town Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Ranch Town is a Facebook farming application. Grow crops, mine ore, collect salmon and make goods such as milk with cows. Develop your own thriving ranch with Ranch Town.

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    Game Basics

    Ranch Town You’ll find quite a selection of ranch style games such as Ranch Town on Facebook. The goal of this game is like many farming games you grow crops, harvest fruit trees and raise animals for income that you spend in the game store for more items. Ranch Town introduces ore to mine and also salmon to fish giving you a few more income opportunities. For example you can fish for salmon and then place the fish in the smokehouse and produce smoked salmon to sell or pick up ore and earth around your ranch and make various items such as gold flakes, or copper bars in the smelters. Your ranch can also be decorated with various items from the game store.

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    Crops, Animals and Machines

    Ranch Town Ranch Town has various crops and animals you can add to your farm. You have Alfalfa, corn seeds, wheat seeds, strawberries, grapes and a few other crops. Chickens, sheep, and various cows can be added to the farm too. The selection of crops and animals isn’t nearly as good as other farming games you can play on Facebook so this is one disappointment with the game. The game features various machines that can make items for you such as the smokehouse which makes smoked fish, or the butter maker. You can make juice toast, cheese, jam, pies and a few other items to sell for extra coins. To sell your finished goods just access your backpack and click on them.

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    You can decorate your farm too just like other farming games on Facebook. You can add wheels, posts, hay, buckets, plants, crates and other items. The selection isn’t what you’ll find with other games so it’s a bit of a disappointment for those who like to decorate their farms. You won’t find fancy cottages, barns or other structure in Ranch Town like you find with the other farming game such as Farmville. This needs some more decorative options for it to be a standout farming game.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Despite the lack of decorative options and crops the game does look nice. You won’t find any slow downs and the game has bright graphics. Your farmer will run round at lightning speed completing tasks such as picking up ore or fishing so there’s no waiting. You can complete various collections for experience points and coins but you won’t find any quests in the game. The addition of quests would improve Ranch Town and give the player more to do besides farming and making goods. Ranch Town is just another average farming game on Facebook. The lack of crops and decorative options is a sore point for this game and lowers it’s replay value. On the positive side the game does look nice and you can do various things besides farming such as collect ore or make smoked salmon. Ranch Town is worth playing but not by much since Facebook has better games in this genre.