Braaains Review: Online zombie games on Facebook

Braaains Review: Online zombie games on Facebook
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Braaains Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Online zombie games can be hard to find but with Braaains you can play zombie games right on Facebook. In this game you create your own zombie army by exhuming them from the graveyard. Each zombie will then become a part of your army and you can give them weapons, clothes,and train them to become the ultimate zombie warriors. Your zombies can then face off against other Facebook users armies. You’ll earn experience and coins if you win the battle and may pick up loot items such as new weapons for your army. You can change weapons for each zombie at anytime during your game when you get better ones. In the warehouse you can manage each zombie in your army.

Training Zombies (4 out of 5)

Braaains Online Zombie Games

One nice part of this online zombie game is you can use points you earn in the game to train your zombies. Each warrior can have improved health, strength, agility, and defense and will get a new title such as private or specialist as they receive more training points. Having a few upgraded zombies in your army can go a long way towards ensuring victory for your army. You can also buy enhancers for your army which can improve statistics such as health for your army. The weapon shop is where you can get new weapons for your growing army of the dead.

Combat (2 out of 5)

The combat system in Braaains is simplistic and rather boring. If you have more zombies and better equipment than your rival you’ll probably win. There isn’t any real tactics to speak of and the match is quickly over. As you fight you may loot better weapons after combat which can help to improve your chances of winning. After combat you can also heal your zombies in the hospital before the next round. Simply click on the ambulance to imitate combat with another Facebook user. Combat also has another problem because you can pick whatever level of zombie you wan to fight against. So if you’re a level three you can still fight level one and farm them for coins. You won’t receive many coins for fighting below your level and if you go too low you won’t get any at all, but it’s still easy to farm lower level players and collect extra coins. The game needs to fix this and make combat based upon your current level for fairness and better game play.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Braaains is fun to play but it would be nice if the zombies looked different. While you can equip them with different weapons and clothing they all look the same aside from a few different colors. This is disappointing because zombies are always different in other games. Having a few different looking zombies would add some variety to the game. Braaains does have some hilarious weapons though such as the lawn mower, fence post, lawn chair and frying pan. The ability to upgrade your zombies with improved statistics does give the game some replay value but combat should be by level for fairness. Braaains is worth playing if you like online zombie games.