Dragons of Atlantis: Facebook Game Review

Dragons of Atlantis: Facebook Game Review
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Dragons Of Atlantis Basics (4 out of 5)

Dragons of Atlantis follows the same pattern as game such as Evony. You have a town you need to construct, resources to gather, armies, and technology to build to become more powerful. The game also makes use of fantasy units such as minotaur and dragons. Your city is also watched over by one special powerful dragon unit. Your Facebook friends can be hired as hero units to lead your armies into battle with Dragon of Atlantis. The game also features technology such as economic improvements and army improvements you can develop as you grow your empire. You can join alliances with other Facebook players and attempt to develop the most powerful clan in the game. A factory can be built to develop advanced weaponry and the sentinel building can help you see armies approaching.

Using Resources (3 out of 5)

Like most browser style war games, resources play a key role in your empires successor failure. Dragons of Atlantis employs the same basic resources as other games including food, wood, stone and iron which can be developed outside your city. As you add more population to your city your resource production levels will go up. By upgrading your resource fields and mines you’ll produce resources in a shorter period of time.

Quests (4 out of 5)

Dragons Of Atlantis

The game also features a multitude of quests you can take for gold and resource rewards. Quests include building a certain structure or getting a structure to a specified level. Quests are usually completed automatically as you are building structures in the game. Later on as you play new quests may become available to you to help you progress through the game.

Combat Units and Game Map (4 out of 5)

The game features different combat units including conscripts, on bowmen, giants, minotaur, dragons, and spies, as well as others. You’ll need a barracks and a muster point to construct and begin to use units in the game. On the map you’ll find various areas you can attack as well as player cities to siege. Attacking certain areas will yield bonuses for your resource production but you must hold them to keep the bonus active.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Dragons of Atlantis looks good and the menus are easy to use. The game uses pastel like graphics which are a bit unusual for a Facebook game but they look great. The game features lots of quests to complete and the inclusion of dragon units is a nice touch. If you’ve played Evony or similar titles this won’t be anything new but it’s still a nice Facebook war game to play. Be sure to join alliance so your protected once your new player protection wear off. Make use of the chat features at the bottom left of your screen to get to know the other players in the game. You can use world chat or alliance chat currently in the game.