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Facebook Games: Knights of the Crystals Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Knights of the Crystals is a Facebook RPG. Players take part in missions for experience and coins. Battles can be done against other Facebook users. Collections can be acquired to help the player’s statistics.

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    Game Basics

    Knights of the Crystals You can find many free web RPG games on Facebook and Knights of the Crystals follows the same formula as the other games you'll find on the site. Players take part in missions to earn rewards, coins, and experience. Missions take energy or “action power” to perform with higher level missions requiring more action power. Players can also take part in battles against other Facebook users. The statistics of the player can be upgraded via their profile page. The game features a map that can unlock new missions after previous ones are completed. Players can use Facebook friends as companions in the game to increase the chances that they will win battles against others in the game.

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    Knights of the Crystals The quest missions in the game are your standard Facebook RPG fare. Players do get a graphic after each mission but basically the game is all text and the game features a few basic sounds. Quests require action [power to complete and sometimes items are needed to complete the quest. Once a quest set is completed the play can move on and do other quests in the game. During some quests specific loot may be acquired by chance.

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    Players can also take part in fights against other Facebook users. These battles can be enhanced by having Facebook friends as your companions to help you win more battles. A short graphic takes place during the fight and overall it isn’t very impressive. You’ll be paired against Facebook users in your level range but they can have any number of companions while you may not have as many. It’s a good idea to pick fights with players who match the number of companions you have.

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    Players can wield weapons, use armor, and artifacts. Each item will increase the overall defensive and offensive abilities of the player. Other items can be bought to improve stats or replenish action power but cost real life game cash to acquire.

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    During game play treasure can be acquired that will help to complete collections. These collections will help to improve the player’s statistics in the game such as offensive and defensive abilities. For example the crystal collection gives the player +5 offense and +6 defense.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Knights of the Crystals is a mediocre Facebook RPG and just another in a long list of titles you can play on the site. The game doesn’t offering anything exciting or new to the genre. The game does offer a few gifts you can send friends but the selection is rather limited with most items locked until later levels. There’s just no real reason to play this game since Facebook has better titles in the RPG genre such as Mafia Wars and others. Due to the mediocre and uninspired nature of this game it gets a negative rating.