Hints and Tips to Succeed in the Cat Wash Game

Hints and Tips to Succeed in the Cat Wash Game
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About the Cat Wash Game

In this 1970’s themed time management game, you run a cat washing business. Uncle Oswald has invented the Feline Wash o’ Matic 100, a cat friendly machine that can clean off dirt in a short amount of time. Using this machine, a disco dance floor and groovy 70’s music you hope to make it a success.

How to Play

Cat Wash game mini-puzzle

The Cat Wash is run by hired employees and Uncle Oswald’s machines. To start each level, click an employee to handle a specific machine. Next, click on the desired machine you want them to work with.

In front of all of the machines is a large conveyor belt with a disco dance floor in the center. As cats arrive, click and place them on the conveyor belt. The service the cat requires will be displayed as a thought bubble above their heads. Each service requires a specific amount of time as indicated by the gauge displayed next to the machine.This can be a wash, dry or groom or styling machine. As a cat’s service is completed, they are placed back on the conveyor belt. Click and drag the cats to the exit location for their animal companions to pick them up and take them home. Your employee will then take care of the next available cat that requires service.

Game play in each level continues until time runs out. A specific amount of money is needed to move forward in the game.

In between levels, purchase upgrades to improve the performance of the machines and your employees. Other items are useful for increasing the cat customer’s patience.

To win the game, you will need to successfully complete all 48 levels.


On occasion you will have the opportunity to play a mini-game to earn bonus points. These are virtual slot machines, memory puzzles and even a “Hungry Hungry Hippo” style game. Once you earn enough points, (or skip it by clicking on the button) you can move on to the next level in the Cat Wash game.

Game Tips

  • The disco dance floor is useful for helping increase the patience of waiting cats. Sometimes, cats will even request to be placed in this location. Catnip can also be used to improve a cat’s mood.
  • Increasing the speed of the conveyor belt will speed up the amount of time it takes for an employee to provide services to a cat. This also wears out your employees faster causing their heart icons to drop. It may also cause cats to fly off of the conveyor belt. Another option to increasing the speed is to manually pick up cats and place them directly in front of the employee’s station.
  • Use the coffee maker upgrade to temporarily improve the mood of your employees. Each time they are given a cup it will increase their heart icon count by one. However, eventually your employees will want to take a break. When their heart count runs to zero, they will move away from the machine to rest for a short time. Click and assign them to another machine station once their heart icon count goes back up a bit.
  • To assign an employee to another station, click on the machine they are currently assigned to then click on the one you would like them to be moved to.
  • Sometimes cats will fight and get impatient. This will cause them to fly off of the conveyor belt to another location, usually up on the wall. Click and drag them to the disco floor to help calm them down.
  • If you are confused on what to do on a particular level, click on the help button for extra tips.
  • Use the scoreboard in the back of the room to keep an eye on whether or not you are meeting the current level’s monetary goal.
  • On occasion, a skunk or dog will show up at the cat wash. To get rid of them, click and drag them to the exit location so they can be picked up and removed from the premises.

The screenshot images for the Cat Wash game article were created by Sheila Robinson.