Time Management Games Worth Playing in Summer 2010


Burger Bustle

Burger Bustle

Burger Bustle is a fast clicking, addictive time management game. You main goals are to serve customers and make money. You begin the game at the bottom of fast food restaurant performance ranking list and then try to beat the other competition by trying out score them and become number one.

Each level in the game plays in a similar manner. Customers arrive at a counter and make their orders through thought bubbles next to their head. Work is delegated to different fast food personnel by assigning them to specific stations like cooking meats, pouring drinks, making desserts and delivering orders. Game levels will have a goal, like delivering a specific number of burgers or desserts. As you progress through each level, money is earned and you can use it to hire additional personnel or food stations to help you meet your current goals. There are multiple restaurants to unlock each with several levels to complete.

Diner Dash 5 – Boom!

Diner Dash 5 Boom

Diner Dash 5 is the newest edition to the series in 2010. Continue the adventures of Flo, the spunky waitress who has a gift for helping and serving customers. This time, a mean restaurant rival has Flo’s diner demolished. Fortunately, Flo can rebuild her diner with the help of her faithful construction worker customers. Game play is consistent with other games in the Diner Dash series. In each location, Flo has tables, kitchen, drink station and an area to dispose used dishes. Flo delivers menus, food, drinks, snacks, collects money and clears tables. New to the game is a Salad Bar and Townie type customers that give you extra points. There is also a new selection of upgrades include hiring additional workers for a single round and other useful items like automatic umbrellas to help you with game performance. Another thing to note is that you will need to watch out for new problems to deal with including rain, windstorms and electrical problems.

Pizza Chef 2

Pizza Chef 2

Pizza Chef 2 is an interesting hybrid title that combines match three puzzle solving and time management game style of play. The story surrounds a young lady who is asked to take care of her uncle’s restaurant while he is out of town. In each level, the main goal is to earn a specific amount of money. Pizza and other foods are prepared on a large stove game board that is filled with ingredients. As customers place orders, matches of three or more like items are created to turn on sections of the stove for cooking. Each type of item a customer orders will vary in shape and can be turned by using the scroll button on the mouse for placing on the stove. For those who have played Tetris, this aspect of the game will seem very familiar. When food is finished, it is automatically delivered to the customer. Game play continues in a level until time runs out. Pizza Chef 2 offers new food items for you to purchase in between levels that can be added to the menu for variety and higher profits. Gadgets can also be purchased to help improve customer mood or keep large sections of the stove activated for longer periods of time.

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