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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy: Beyond the Tutorial

by: mmarler ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

These Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy tips will guide new players through some of the important aspects of the game after the tutorial. If you want to avoid being raided daily, or have your base invaded and held by your opponents, you will want to use these tips and tricks to your advantage.

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    Resource Building Upgrades

    Resource Building Upgrades Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a lot like Backyard Monsters on Facebook. The most important aspect of the game is your ability to accumulate resources as quickly as possible. Everything you purchase will cost Uranium, Titanium, and Credits. Some structures and units require Crystals in addition to the previous three resources, but for now we will focus on the main three.

    Each newly created base is given four to five Uranium and Titanium Mines. To promote trade, the developers decided to assign bases either four Uranium Mines with five Titanium or vice versa. This causes the player to mine more of one type of material than the other. Regardless of what number of mines you get for each resource, all players can have six Vaults to generate Credits.

    To advance in the game, these are the first buildings you will want to focus on. One thing to note, units and vehicles require Credits to maintain. Keep that in mind, you want the resources coming in to be as even as possible as trades can sometimes take up to 12 hours to receive your resources. You will also want to upgrade your Warehouse and Bank to increase the resource cap.

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    Defensive Units

    Defensive Units These Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy tips have a big emphasis on defense for new players. It is crucial to have a well defended base before you begin to attack other players. Without a proper defense set up, your base will be scouted, raided, and invaded.

    The first defensive units available to you are the Cyberdog and the Elite Cyberdog. Elite units cost fewer resources but require the use of crystals. I would advise saving your crystals for defensive structures and base expansion. After completing the tutorial, the general has 40 Cyberdogs garrisoned at your base to assist in the defense of your base.

    Ideally, you will want to focus on creating at least 40 to 60 more Cyberdogs as soon as possible. Many players target newer bases knowing there wont be any damaging retaliation. You should try to keep that many Cyberdogs at all times, at least until you unlock Gladiators.

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    Defensive Structures

    Defensive Structures Defensive structures are a great way to boost the overall defense of your units and base. In the tutorial you build a gate, radar, and possibly a canon. Now is the time to start expanding your wall and other defensive buildings. These buildings will cost Crystals as well as resources. In the beginning Crystals are a lot harder to acquire, unless you decide to purchase them with money.

    Luckily, with the addition of deposits, you can now harvest them. These deposits pop up every seven days until they are depleted. They are heavily defended by other players as there are a limited number of them. Before you can find these deposits, you must first build an Industrial Syndicate and then a Radar. The range at which you these deposits are visible is based on the level of your Radar.

    If you manage to capture one of the deposits, be sure to send additional defensive units to protect it. These deposits are constantly being battled for. As a new player you will have a hard time claiming one. You can only harvest them every hour, so if your deposit gets attacked and claimed by another player before an hour has passed you will receive nothing. You will also lose quite a few of your units in the process.

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    Raiding for Resources

    Raiding for Resources Raiding another player's base is an alternative way to gain resources. How many resources gained depends on what type of unit was sent, how many survived if the raid was successful, and how many resources that player had at the moment the raid occurred. You can tell how much resources each unit can carry by going to your Barracks or Armory and left-clicking on that unit's icon.

    To start a raid you must first go to your map, find a player within your level range. Once you have found a base you would like to raid, click the base, then click the raid icon. As you can see, there is the number ten on the icon. This is the maximum number of times you can raid that person to avoid harassment. The number should reset daily. Raiding the same person too often results in less resources acquired.

    Unlike other games, such as Backyard Monsters, you cannot simply view the enemies base to determine its defenses. Total Domination: Nuclear Strategies allows the player to hide their units, unless you recon the base. If you do not yet have recon drones, determining a player's defense is much harder. You can go to their Sector and click Troops, but that can be misleading as it only shows you which units they decide to display in their Parade Grounds.

    An easier alternative is to send a single, low cost unit to attack and in the report it will display all the units. The downside is, once someone is your enemy, they stay that way forever unless they become allies. Becoming allies with someone this way is unlikely to happen, and you may have just provoked a player with more allies and units.

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    Technology Upgrades

    Technology Upgrades Acquiring technology upgrades requires the appropriate modules along as well as resources. Modules can be gained each day from your Research Center. Upgrading this building increases the speed at which Modules are discovered by your scientists. I would advise upgrading this building as technology is required to unlock better units.

    Another way to gain the Modules you want is through the Trade Gateway. You can see if anyone is trading the Module you want for the one you have. If not, you can click "Make Offer" under "Module Exchange" and select the Module you wish to receive as trade for the Module you do not want.

    An additional way was recently added with the new Research Lab. Once your lab is built, allies can visit your sector daily and click the floating icon above it. It requires 100 clicks, but allies may click once every day. Once the required number of clicks has been made, a random Module will be given to you and the clicks reset.

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    Allies and Cyborgs

    Allies and Cyborgs Cyborgs are a special unit that can only be acquired by having allies. It should be noted that you must also be Facebook friends before you can create a cyborg from that ally. Other units are either defensive or offensive, Cyborgs are great at both, so getting as many as you can is advisable.

    There are several ways to acquire allies. One easy way is to request allies from neighboring bases then adding them as Facebook friends once they have accepted. This is the best way to go, as having your allies closer allows for faster trades, reinforcements, and coordinating attacks.

    Another way is through the Facebook search bar. Simply type in "Total Domination Nuclear Strategy (Wasteland)" and request friends. There are many users there looking for allies. Creating a Cyborg also requires you to build a Cyberlab. You are allowed a total of 50 Cyborgs. If any of your Cyborgs die, they can replaced at the Cyberlab. You may only create three Cyborgs a day, so be careful how you use them.

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    Controversial Second Base

    Controversial Second Base These Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy tips would not be complete without including the controversial second or multiple bases. Whether you see it as cheating or not, the tactic is heavily used. The idea is to have one or more lower level bases, used to send resources or units to your main base. These bases tend to be lower level to avoid attacks. They also focus primarily on upgrading the production of Uranium, Titanium, and Credits, as you cannot send Crystals to others.

    This method is a cheap and effective way to gain large amounts of resources quickly. The base only requires defensive units, which ones and how many depends on the level you wish to take that base to. Since allies can send resources, troops, and modules 25 times faster than normal, many players use this tactic. It allows the users to produce more defensive units to protect their main base or deposits much faster than a single base would allow.

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    Source: Author's own experience.

    All images taken from Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy on Facebook