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Tips for Success in The Fifth Gate Game

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The Fifth Gate game is a fast clicking time management style title with a flower garden theme. Can you find your way out of a mystical garden trap? Find out more about the game and get a few hints and tips to help you succeed.

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    About The Fifth Gate Game

    The Fifth Gate Eden is a young girl who has been kidnapped by the evil Morgana and trapped in some magical gardens. The only way Eden can get out is to build up the gardens by growing plants and retrieving all the lost stones for the Fifth Gate. It is a time management game filled with plants, potions and pesky insects.

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    Game Play

    The Fifth Gate screenshot The Fifth Gate divides each section of the game by “task” time. Morgana will request a specific amount of flowers, potions or money. These are considered to be quests. Before starting a quest, you will need to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of water. Click on the “Refill” button to purchase water. Start the quest by clicking on the “Start Day” button. As you play, gardens will need to be maintained by watering the plants and collecting their flowers. These tasks are accomplished by clicking on the plants directly.

    You will also need to watch out for insects who will try to eat and destroy your plants and flowers. Get rid of them by clicking on them multiple times with the mouse.

    Keep track of your quest progress during your task time by clicking on the “Quest” button. The task time is limited and will stop play after a short while. At this point, you will determine if you have collected the right items required to complete the current quest. If it is flowers or money, Morgana will appear and request them from you if the appropriate amount has been collected. For potions, click on the “Potion” button and click on the appropriate bottle to make the item needed. If you don’t have enough of the right flowers, the bottle will appear partially empty and you will need to complete another “task” time to accumulate more from your garden.

    Once a quest has been completed, Morgana will reward you with upgraded flowers or a lost stone for the Fifth Gate. There are over 70 “Task” time sections in The Fifth Gate game. Win the game and help Eden escape from the gardens once all quests and lost stones have been collected.

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    In between “task” times, you can purchase upgrades to improve your water capacity, items to defend against pesky insects, inventory space or obtain new plants. To get the cash to buy stuff, go to the “Potions” section and sell your flowers. You can also make potions with the flowers and sell them if you wish. When finished selling items, go back to the main screen to purchase items needed.

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    Hints and Tips

    • It is very important to keep plants watered. If they go too long without water (indicated by the blue icon) they will die. Always purchase plenty of water in between “task” times. A water helper plant can also be purchased to help you generate extra water for your garden.
    • Plants will gain “levels” the longer they are kept in the garden. These plants will produce fancier types of flowers that are worth more money.
    • Keep some flowers and or potions in your inventory to anticipate future quest items from Morgana. Moving flowers into any potion jar (even if you don’t fill it up) also creates more space for your inventory. Upgrade your inventory space as soon as possible so you will have more room to hold items.
    • Scoring points in the Fifth Gate depends on the amount of days “task” time it takes you to complete a quest. You also earn money and points for killing the pesky insects. The Expert score is the best you can get.
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    Screenshot images for the Fifth Gate game article were created by Sheila Robinson.