Ranch Rush 2: Sara’s Island Experiment Game Tips and Hints

Story Details

Building a ranch on a tropical island is a fun challenge.

Sara is a farmer with a gifted green thumb. Her success with farms has opened up a new opportunity to run a ranch on a tropical island. This time management game challenges players to test their skills in an exotic locale filled with a variety of different produce and plant life.

Playing the Game

Ranch Rush 2 screenshot

Each level of play is considered a single day. A specific amount of crops or other food items will need to be collected to fulfill the level’s goal. If you have played the original Ranch Rush, game play is pretty much the same. Sarah will need to plant, water and collect crops. Seeds, soil and other farm related items can be purchased through the store at any time during game play. The store is accessed by clicking on the icon located at the bottom.

The levels on Monday through Friday focus on earning money by the collection of crops and other food items. Plant the crops by clicking on the appropriate seed bag and then clicking on an open area with soil. Sara prepares then prepares the soil and plants the seed. Plants will immediately start growing.

Collect crops by first clicking on the empty crates. Sara can hold up to three items at a time. Once you have the crates, click on the crop you wish to collect. From here, click on the barn to store the items you collected.

Certain items do not require planting. Coconuts can be obtained by feeding Coco the monkey bananas. Coco will then climb up the coconut tree and collect a single coconut. Crabs can be collected directly as they are walking on the sand.

The game is divided into ten weeks (with seven days each) which is 70 levels. Win the game when these levels have been successfully completed.

Bonus Levels

In Ranch Rush 2, Saturday is “Island Market” day. This is a short level where you can earn bonus money for selling crops. Simply collect as many crops as you can before time runs out.

On Sunday, Sara takes a day off. In this level, catch fish to earn bonus coins and new items. While sitting on a boat, drag the mouse to move left and right. Cast a line by left clicking once. This will cause the line to drop down. Once you catch a fish, left click again to pull the line in again. When the line gets above water, the fish will pop up into the air. You will then need to catch it by making sure the boat is directly under the location where the fish will land.

Game Hints and Tips

  • In the levels Monday through Friday, collect only the crops needed to meet the goals. This way you are using less time and will have a better chance of succeeding before the day ends.
  • Collect the crops that grow the slowest first. Since it takes time for each batch to grow again, you want to make sure you are not waiting at the end of the day for them to become available.
  • Keep crops watered. If plants go too long without being watered, the crops that were located there will disappear. After Sara collects crops a couple of times the land begins to dry up. Collect the water from the well nearby and then click on the land that needs it.
  • Place the goat’s pen a good distance away from the crop land to keep the goat from attacking you while collecting the milk.
  • Right click to clear something you have clicked on by accident (such as a crated).
  • To move dirt plots/machines etc, click on the move icon located at the bottom of the screen. This looks like a small cross. Then click and drag the mouse to select multiple items (like empty dirt sections) and drag them to the desired location.
  • Ranch Rush 2 has both Casual and Expert modes of play. The Expert mode unlocks after playing a couple weeks of levels in Casual mode.

Screenshot images for the above game article were created by Sheila Robinson.