Hints and Tips for Surviving Supermarket Mania 2

Hints and Tips for Surviving Supermarket Mania 2
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Nikki’s success with running supermarkets has gotten the attention of her Uncle Ross, who decides to help her to open up her own supermarket in the city of Tinsel Town and other exciting locations. This time management game sequel will challenge players with new upgrades, graphics and problems to solve.

Game Play

Grocery Shopping is fun in Supermarket Mania 2

Consistent with the first Supermarket Mania game, Nikki will need to run the daily operations of various supermarket locations. Each level of the game represents a single business day. A specific amount of money must be earned in order to move forward in the game.

Nikki’s main task is to keep the store stocked with food, drink and other items that customers would like to purchase. To stock the shelves, first get Nikki’s cart loaded up with items by clicking on the inventory room. Once full, click on grocery item shelves and stations to add products.

When customers arrive, they will grab a basket and walk around the store. Items they are looking for will appear as thought bubbles next to their head. Each type of customer also has different levels of patience, preferences and shopping speed.

In addition to stocking the shelves, you will need to make sure shopping baskets are available as well as keep the store clean. Certain store locations may also require Nikki to prepare coffee, ice cream or deal with unruly customers.

In between levels, upgrades can be purchased for larger stocking shelves, improve efficiency and help increase efficiency.

Customer Types

Note: Use the following list of Supermarket Mania 2 customer types to help with your game strategy.

Old Lady – Slow shopping speed and very patient. Likes fish, tomatoes, broccoli, sausage and milk

Girl - Fast shopping speed and average level of patience. She likes bananas, grapes, broccoli, fish and cheese.

Yuppie - Average shopping speed and short level of patience. He likes pineapples, oranges, chicken, sausage and potato chips.

Ronnie - Medium shopping speed and very patient. He likes bananas, grapes, broccoli, fish and cheese.

Geek - Medium shopping speed and level of patience. He likes soda, potato chips, cookies and chocolate.

Delivery Man – Medium shopping speed and high level of patience. He likes bananas, fish, cheese, sausage and potato chips. Nikki will also need to collect the Delivery Man’s grocery orders for him and take them to the pickup window.

Teenager – Fast shopping speed with an average level of patience. Teenagers like apples, chocolate, cookies, ice cream and potato chips.

Movie Star - Fast shopping speed with a short level of patience. Movie stars like tomatoes, fish, cheese, chocolate and milk.

Hints and Tips

  • Purchase the special items for Nikki, including the cleanser and cookies. The cleanser will automatically clean the store without having Nikki run through the store with a mop. The cookies will boost the mood of all customers in the store temporarily.
  • Try to anticipate what items will need to be restocked. Keep an eye on the customer’s thought bubble icons as they arrive at the store. Your first priority is to stock items for customers with low levels of patience including the Movie Star and the Yuppie.
  • If customers are standing by the door, this means that there are no shopping baskets available for them to use. Click on the shopping baskets to restock them for customer use.
  • Sometimes Nikki will need to prepare milkshakes or coffee. These items can be prepared ahead of time. Click on the appropriate station, which will highlight the items you will need to collect for the item. Click on the needed items and then click on the station machine again. Nikki will then prepare the item for you.
  • Certain baked goods need to be picked up directly from the bakery station (such as croissants). Click on the bakery to prepare the items and then pick them up off of the counter when they are completed. Stock the baked goods shelf by clicking on it.
  • In Supermarket Mania 2 secondary goals earn extra cash bonuses that can be used to purchase more items for the store. These goals are not mandatory to complete during game play.

*Screenshot images for the article were created by Sheila Robinson.