Fiction Fixers - The Curse of Oz - Hidden Object Game Hints and Tips

Fiction Fixers - The Curse of Oz  - Hidden Object Game Hints and Tips
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About Fiction Fixers – The Curse of Oz

Fiction Fixers is a series of hidden object games. Players attempt to repair any damage to fictional stories that have been altered by individuals who want to change them for their own selfish benefit. In Curse of Oz, players have been hired as a “Fiction Fixer” who will need to repair the story of the Wizard of Oz from the evil destruction caused by Victor Vile. With the help of Dorthy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion, you will attempt to set things right by uncovering clues, finding items and solving puzzles.

Game Play

Fiction Fixers - The Curse of Oz screenshot

Fiction Fixers – The Curse of Oz is a combination of an adventure game and hidden object puzzle solving. Players travel through the storybook lands with companions to find the great wizard of Oz. Along the way, obstacles block their path and hidden object puzzles must be solved to get past them. Hidden object puzzles in this game also help you to find tools and special items needed to complete tasks. Items you need to find will be displayed as a list. A refreshable hint button is available to help you find specific items that are difficult to find.

As you travel along, you will encounter Oz characters that will need your help. These characters will join your party after you have assisted them. Each character has a special ability that can be used during game play.

The game also has some mini-puzzles to solve. These are items that may need to be unlocked or deactivated. If the puzzle is too difficult to solve, it can be skipped by pressing the “skip” button when it is fully charged.

To help guide you during your travels, you can consult the game map. This map will show all areas you have traveled, areas where puzzles have been completed (or not) and your current location.

Hints and Tips

  • The character’s special abilities can come in handy. The Tin Man can chop through wood barriers with his axe, while the scarecrow is useful for driving away pesky crows that block your path. Use the Cowardly Lion to jump over gaps in the road and scare away tigers.
  • There are no time limits in any of the puzzles in Fiction Fixers – The Curse of Oz.
  • You can switch the game difficulty from “regular” to “expert” at any time during play.
  • Certain tools will need to be built. The pieces for them will be located in different areas. As you travel, look at the tool piece items listed. If they are highlighted, this means that the item(s) are located in the area you are currently at. Once all pieces for the tool are found, it is automatically put together and it can be used.
  • Hidden objects displayed in lists are random (except for special tools).
  • To use the hint button, click on the item you want to find from the list and then click the hint button icon.
  • If you need to know your current tasks, click on the Dorthy icon. She will give you the details.

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