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Five best addictive games for kids

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Violent games on the internet have made parents more concerned about their kid’s gaming habits. But websites like and Bigfishgames have some great addictive games with fun and educational content.

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    With more and more downloadable and online multiplayer games over the internet, parents are concerned about violent games and would certainly prefer educational and non-violent entertainment for their kids. But sometimes, it is difficult for them to search for gaming websites made only for children. Well, here are some addictive games for kids which offer fun and educational content. These free online and downloadable games can be found on and

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    LEGO Fever

    LEGO games are a kid’s first choice. LEGO Fever brings back color in every child’s life with different levels including matching bricks, puzzle and action levels. The game has 113 levels of challenging and tricky puzzles. The use of colorful bricks makes it more vibrant and fun. This game can be downloaded from

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    Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition

    Candy Land is a fun and educational game that helps kids with counting and numbers, hand-eye coordination techniques, and language skills. Kids will have fun exploring Candy Land with Dora and her team. There are lots of mini games which allow children to play and learn Spanish and numbers. Candy Land can be downloaded from

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    Super Granny 4

    Super Granny 4 is an addictive adventure game involving lots of puzzles and a fun story. Players have to help super grannies, Kamila and Margaret, to climb and run through different levels and teach a lesson to Colonel Hans Foote, the leader of the Shadow Organization. Just like its past adventures, Super Granny 4 is truly an addictive game for kids. You can download this game from

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    If you are looking for a fun and educational game then go to for a free online play. Bookworm is a free online word game where kids have to link letters by forming meaningful words to feed a green bookworm. The game has some challenging features. There are some red and green letters. Red letters can be dangerous and allowing them to reach the bottom of the board can end the game. Green letters give extra bonus points to players. Kids have to create longer words for better scores.

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    Scrapbook Paige

    Kids love to create their own scrapbook, so what’s better than to have a scrapbook game at Scrapbook Paige allows kids to assemble scrapbooks with their own creativity and earn extra points in doing so. It is a hidden object game where there are challenging rounds that allow kids to earn extra cash by creating scrapbooks for shop customers. There are many fun features including the magnifying glass feature which allows kids to search for tiny items.