Top 10 Family Friendly Wii Games: Ninjabread Man, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Link's Crossbow Training and Wii Sports Resort

Top 10 Family Friendly Wii Games: Ninjabread Man, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Link's Crossbow Training and Wii Sports Resort
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Plenty of Family-Friendly Wii Games

Flight Combat game fans and Hardcore gamers may want to stay away from the Nintendo Wii. Parents who want to find family friendly games will have no trouble with finding appropriate Wii games. Finding decent family friendly games for the Wii that will not be quickly tossed aside can be the trick for the determined owner. This list of the top 10 family friendly games for the Wii will help you avoid many hours sifting through the less promising titles at your local Target, Wal-Mart or Gamestop.

#10 Top Family-Friendly Wii Game: Ninja Bread Man

Ninjabread Man falls into a category of games known as shovelware. A shovelware game was developed quickly and with a low-budget. Man is not complex and the play leaves something to be desired. Nevertheless, the concept is intriguing. The hero of the game, a gingerbread man trained in the arts of the ninja, must defend Candy Land from invaders. The player can call on a variety of weapons that will help him repel the invasion.

Ninja Bread Man has three levels that a gamer can play through quickly. The overall premise of the game had potential, Unless a company with a high budget for development buys the rights for a sequel, it will likely fade into obscurity.

#9. Pokemon Battle Revolution

pokemon battle revolution box

Pokemon Battle Revolution may cause adults to groan. While the Pokemon games are childish, they do not quite sink to the depths frequently reached by the cartoons. The games themselves are actually quite fun. Even more surprising to a veteran gamer, the Pokemon games offer challenging strategies.

Pokemon Battle Revolution differs from other games in the series because it uses the Wii motion sensors. The attacks available to the most common Pokemon are the same. The increased coordination requirement may displease people who prefer the role-playing elements of the original Gameboy and DS games.


Link’s Crossbow Training was released with the Wii zapper to demonstrated the Zapper’s capabilities.This demo is better designed than many other shooters for the Wii.

Traditional elements of the Zelda games, such as skeletons and flying bats, make it scary for children under the age of 10. You only need one Wii zapper to play it. The one zapper game makes it a great disc to break out at parties.

#7. Wii Sport Resort

wii sports resort box

EA Active and Wii Fit let adults use the Wii Mote to perform a daily workout. These two titles do little to keep the entire family interested in fitness. It takes the same dedication to go through the routines offered by the games as it does to go to a gym. Wii Sports Resort offers less intense exercises, but it does have simpler exercises designed as games that will work the muscle groups slightly.

Wii Sports Resort may not replace a gym workout, but it can help people of all ages maintain their fitness levels without getting bogged down into repetitive routines as quickly.

#6. Top Family-Friendly Wii Games: Wii Play

wii play box

Wii Play allows offers a large selection of party games Some of these require multiple controllers. Other games let the user switch off a single controller in multi-player mode. Parents do not need to worry about their children seeing anything inappropriate.

Wii Play does not stand out above many party games, but there is one uniqute feature to the game that makes it fun. The Miis on your console can come in and watch the games. If you have the console set up to access the Internet, Miis from other consoles can come to watch as well.

#5. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

tales bowling mario and sonic

If Sega’s Dreamcast had achieved greater commercial success, gamers might not have seen these two icons of gaming team up in any video game. Sega did run into financial trouble and DS and Wii players can now compete against each other as members of Team Sonic or Team Mario.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games does not have a story line, but it lets players know if Knuckles can beat King Bowser in the hundred yard dash. .

#4. Rampage

rampage box

Rampage may not be aimed at the young girl gamer or the children under 10 crowd. The monsters will appeal to boys of all ages.

You can take the monsters fight each other or work together in cooperative mode. You can either destroy the cities or save them depending on the scenario. Most players of Rampage will spend time destroying the buildings.

#3. Mario Kart

mario kart box

A Mario Kart game has been released for every Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The quirky vehicles and weapons let the player throw dastardly traps on the road to slow down his opponents.

The steering wheel for the Wii Mot will let the player experience the Mario Kart series in a way that the game should have allowed for all along. Racing game fans and casual gamers can easily enjoy this game. Its multi-player mode also makes it ideal for competitive play at parties.

#2. Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga

lego star wars complete saga wii box

Everyone knows the stories for the games included in the Lego Star Wars; the Complete Saga. Play through the young Luke Skywalker’s rite of passage and join in his quest to become a Jedi.

The player will find familiar Star Wars characters with a Lego twist. You may occasionally even have to find parts for R2-D2 and C3P0. Lego has put a twist on many different pop culture icons including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the ever-popular dark knight, Batman.

The game occasionally strays into gray areas in its humor, but parents and kids can enjoy it together in competitive mode. Sadly, it does not let Star Wars fans live out their ultimate fantasy of killing Jar Jar Binks. (That wouldn’t be appropriate for a family game.)

#1 Top Family-Friendly Wii Game: New Super Mario Bros Wii

super mario brothers box

When a television series gets re-imagined, fans of the original series will be disappointed with the results. When a video game gets re-imagined, fans get an exciting chance to visit a familiar world whose graphics have been updated. New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii lets players return to the original Nintendo adventure in the Mushroom kingdom.

Players new to Super Mario will have fun controlling the characters with the Wii Mote even if the musical score does not mean as much to them.Older players will enjoy the twists on the classic elements in this game. The only thing that could have made this game better would have been an update of the classic Duck Hunt.


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