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Mario Kart Wii Cheats and Unlockables

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Kart racing with your buddies the Mario Brothers has just gotten more fun with the Wii edition. Comes with an accessory that makes the remote into a wheel, this is the cheats and unlockables to make the game open up for you.

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    Mario Kart Wii is a racing game of karts with the characters of the Mario Brothers series. Developed by Nintendo and put out for the Wii, it uses the Wii’s online service to play. Released in April 2008, it comes with a wheel accessory piece that will make the Wii remote a steering wheel to “steer” your character.

    Wii games like Mario Kart do well with cheat codes and unlockables. Game cheats are some of those things that many do right after getting a new game, and while there aren’t standard cheats for this game, there are ways to unlock many of the better things. This article will tell you how. These are the unlockables you can get off of the game of Mario Kart Wii.

    Unlock: Double Star Nickname

    Requires: Get two star ratings in all of the Grand Prix Races

    Unlock: Triple Star Nickname

    Requires: Get three star ratings in all of the Grand Prix Races

    Unlock: One Star Nickname

    Requires: Get one star ratings in all of the Grand Prix Races

    Unlock: Leaf Cup

    Requires: Get third place or higher in Shell and Banana Cup

    Unlock: Star Cup

    Requires: Third place or higher in Flower and Mushroom Cup

    Unlock: Special Cup

    Requires: You’ll have to get third place or higher in Star Cup

    Unlock: Lightning Cup

    Requires: At least a third place finish in Leaf Cup

    Unlock: Baby Daisy

    Requires: Get a one star in all 50cc Wii-Cups

    Unlock: Birdo

    Requires: Play the time trials on 16 different courses or youc an win 250 wi-fi matches.

    Unlock: Baby Luigi

    Requires: In time trials, unlock 8 expert staff ghost data

    Unlock: Bowser Jr

    Requires: Get one star in all 100cc retro-cups

    Unlock: Dry Bones

    Requires: A win in the 100cc Leaf cup

    Unlock: Diddy Kong

    Requires: Complete the retro 50cc cups

    Unlock: Daisy

    Requires: Win a 150 cc special cup

    Unlock: Toadette

    Requires: Win 1000 wi-fi matches or play time trials on all 32 differing courses

    Unlock: Rosalina

    Requires: Have a Super Mario Galaxy savefile. After 50 races or after getting one star in all mirror mode wii-cups, she’ll be unlocked.

    Unlock: Mii with Outfit B

    Requires: Unlock all 32 expert staff ghost data in time trial events

    Unlock: Mii with Outfit A

    Requires: Winning a 100cc special cup

    Unlock: King Boo

    Requires: Winning a 50cc star cup

    Unlock: Funky Kong

    Requires: Unlocking four expert staff ghost data in time trials

    Unlock: Dry Bowser

    Requires: Getting one star in all 150cc wii-cups

    Unlock: Mirror Mode

    Requires: getting a first place finish in all 150cc class cups

    Unlock: Gold Wii Wheel

    Requires: Use the wii wheel in all modes, a gold wii wheel should be next to your online name.

    Bikes And Karts To Unlock:

    Bubble Bike – Win the Mirror Leaf Cup

    Aero Glider – Get at least one star in all 150cc retro cups

    Dophin Dasher – Win the Mirror Star Cup

    Blue Falcon – Win the Mirror Lightning Cup

    Phantom – Win the Mirror Special Cup

    Cheep Charger – Get at least one star for all the 50 cc retro grand prix cups

    Magikruiser – Play the time trial on eight different courses

    Honeycoupe – Win the 150 cc lighting cup

    Zip Zip – Win the 100 cc Lightning Cup

    Spear – Unlock the 12 expert staff ghost data in the time trials

    Piranha Prowler – Win the 50cc special cup

    Royal Racer – Win 150cc Leaf Cup

    Sprinter – Unlock 23 expert staff ghosts data

    Sneakster – Get one star rank or higher for all 100ccWii grand prix cuarenaps

    Shooting Star – Win a 100cc star cup

    Quacker – Win a 150cc star cuyoup

    Tiny Titan – Unlock an expert staff ghost or beat 50 foes during wi-fi play

    Turbo Blooper – Win 50 cc leaf cup