Farmville English Countryside Tips: Pig Pen Breeding Guide

Farmville English Countryside Tips: Pig Pen Breeding Guide
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Farmville English Countryside Tips: Pig Pen Breeding Part One

In Farmville English Countryside, you can now breed pigs in the pig pen. To start breeding you’ll first need to buy a pigpen. Ask Facebook friends for nails, board, and bricks or buy them in the game store. The easiest way to get the parts you need is to ask for special delivery boxes from your Facebook friends. Pick a part from your game inventory, place your cursor over the pigpen and the part will be added on. Repeat this process with each part and soon you’ll have a complete pigpen to start breeding your pigs. Please note that the breeding process for pigs can be done on a regular Farmville farm too.

How to Start Pig Breeding Part Two

English Countryside

Once you have a complete pigpen you are ready to breed your pigs. Choose a boar and a sow and click on breed. The breeding process will take twenty-four hours but you can speed this process up by using love potions. You can buy these in the game store or have Facebook friends send them to you by requesting them through a Facebook wall message. It is ideal to use the potions because with five of them you’ll have your new piglet instantly. If you don’t want to keep the piglet, you can give it away to a friend. The game also gives you the ability to give each new piglet a name. You’ll need to make sure you have five potions each time you want to breed pigs or you’ll end up waiting game time for the breeding process to finish. Once you have a piglet be sure to feed it baby bottle so it grows into a full pig. You can ask for these from Facebook friends, which is the fastest way to get the bottles. Your babies will have some similarities to their parent such as color or markings. You can experiment and come up with your own unique combinations.

Pigpen Expansion

You can unlock more breeding sports by upgrading your pigpen. You’ll need plenty of boards, nails, and bricks to finish your expansions. Ask for special deliveries or send wall messages to your Facebook friends to get the required materials. You can also buy the parts in the game store if you want to spend farm cash and finish right away. Currently you can breed up to three pairs of pigs in the pigpen. Stock up on love potions so you finish breeding quickly. You might stock up first and then breed all at once until you run out of potions.


Pig breeding and sheep breding are two fun ways to enjoy The English Countryside. Be sure you ask Facebook friends for potions and baby bottles so you can start to enjoy your new animals. Hopefully the game will introduce more animals that you can breed on your farm in the near future. This feature is available on both the regular farm and the English Countryside so be sure to breed your piglets on each of your farms in the game.